Coffee Collar keeps your hands safe from hot coffee cup burnsJoe’s Coffee Collars is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while. Though my photo leaves something to be desired, the little insulated cup hugger does not.

They come in assorted colors and designs (though I am not sure you can get this particular one now) and fit a cup ranging from small to large. Your standard tall, Grande, and Venti Starbuck’s models. Such names for cup sizes!

Anyway, these nifty, re-usable, insulated cup sleeves are made in Alaska and are state of the art insulate that keeps a beverage warmer, longer than neoprene. I can honestly testify to that. I love them!

They are trendy, attractive, and make a great conversation item. I would agree that these are enviromental safe since they are re-usable time after time. They do hold their shape.

Stop by Joe’s and give them a peak. They are reasonable at $5.99 each with free shipping in the U.S. You can also buy wholesale. I’ll bet you love them too!

4 thoughts on “Joe’s Coffee Collars :: Protect Your Hands from Hot Coffee Burns

  1. Hi Audrey,

    Thank you so much for the review. We are very pleased that you like our coffee collars. We are equally pleased with your review.

    Thanks again,

    Joe and Sandi Oathout
    Joe’s Coffee Collars

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  3. Awesome stuff!

    I don’t really have a high heat tolerance so this’ll help me a lot. Now I just need to develop the ability to drink hot coffee. 😛

    Even after all of these years I’ve been drinking it I still need to wait for it to cool off for a while.

  4. I must have a cast iron mouth and tummy. Soon as it’s poured, down the hatch it goes. There are some coffees that I have to sip for a while though. It IS hard to do that for me.

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