12.11.06-UPDATE: After further testing, I’ve come to the conclusion that I may need to toss my other coffee makers. Once you get the hang of the Aerobie, AeroPress Coffee Maker, you may never want to use anything else. The coffee is rich, smooth, bitter-free, and wonderful! It is all in what is right for you and after playing with it, testing different amounts of coffee, water levels, and how long I stir the water and grounds before I plunge it down, I’ve discovered that it really is the best and freshest cup.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker Review imageThe AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker by Aerobie is not a french press! I want to say that it is in fact a single serve coffee maker but actually, I can make several cups with it. It will just depend on how much fine grind you use and how much water. You can make a single cup.

To be prepared to use the AeroPress Espresso Coffee Maker The finer the grind (espresso would be best), the better you coffee is going to be. I tried a regular grind and the press did well, but it did so much better once I put espresso in it.

aeropress includes Using the press is as simple as can be. Your pot is your large mug. You can make enough coffee for that mug or fill it up and have enough for several cups. Everything else you need to make a fine cup is included in the kit. See image to the right. There is a plunger that you will use to press the air through the tube in able to force the water down. The water will be pushed through the filter and the grounds will remain in the tube. I’ve used the device several times now and have not once had any grounds in my cup.

To set it up, just place a filter in the bottom of the Aeropress then using the handy scoop included, place a scoop of coffee (one for one cup) in tube (or chamber). You can do this before or after placing it on top your coffee mug. Once you’ve done that, pour in the amount of hot water you wish to use. Use the stirrer that is included to mix the grounds and water. Stir that for about 10 to 20 seconds. Once you have that the way you feel you want it, place the plunger (or press) ontop the chamber and push. Be careful! Don’t tip your mug over. You will find a lot of pressure present. You can elect to push the air through quickly or slower. The slower the better for a richer cup or espresso shot.

If you use one scoop and only want one cup of coffee, just add enough coffee and the amount of water needed to fill your mug. Otherwise, use more coffee and make as much espresso as you’d like. This press make a fabulous Americano. You will notice the lack of bitterness in this cup of coffee.

Cleaning the AeroPress is very simple. Just remove the filter attachment, dump that and then push the grounds on through into the garbage can. Rinse with clear warm water or light soapy water, dry and put away.

Honestly, I have a French Press or 2-3 and this press is by far the easiest and produces a cup of coffee/espresso that completely out-weighs the bitter mix that a french press can produce. There really is no equivalence between the two. Clean-up is most certainly the easiest. You can make different strengths by trying different water temperatures and varying amounts of grounds. The coffee is delicious and non-bitter. Smooth and tasty. If you have a mind to, you can store the espresso in your refrigerator for a few days and just pop in the microwave for later use. The coffee is not as good as freshly made but it will suffice.

You can buy this gem for around $30.00 but if you use Amazon it is $24.99. Use any quality bean or pre-ground espresso. I highly recommend this one.

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6 thoughts on “Aerobie AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker A Review from: Coffee Sage.com

  1. I’ve been using this ingenious bit of equipment for about a year and couldn’t be happier. It produces a great espresso, free of bitterness and full of flavor. The price is what blew me away. Great buy.

  2. You’re right. An excellent buy for the results it brings. I just love mine! Thank you for commenting Michael.

  3. I am also looking for this coeffe. I do not have a Coffee Shop, but I do have a Bunn-O-Matic(not the cheap 10 cup home unit), and a high end Grind Master Dial Coffee Grinder. What can I say, you can eather get the cheap stuff at WalMart or where ever, and have it break down in a few months. Or you can buy the good stuff and for home use, have it last forever. I found this coeffe in late 2010 at my local Sam’s Club in Latham NY for a very nice price of $4.95 per 2.5lb bag.. I got five bags to try it, and then went back and got ten more bags in Jan. 2011. Now, in mid March, I go back to my local Sam’s, and they no longer have it on the shelf. Not only is this a good coeffe, but it’s good on the wallet as well. Especially when you prefer fresh ground coeffe. I would buy green and roast my own if I could find a good CHEAP supplier.Guess I’ll need to do some research.

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