I wanted to ‘lightly’ touch on a subject about coffee beans and normally I would not bother except I was reading on another blog some place and they commented that after much research they have concluded Robusta to be superior to Arabica. What could be going through this person’s mind? Where did this person do his/her research? Maxwell House? Ok, that was a cheap shot but they do use Robusta, thus the cheaper prices. Right?

For those who do not know, Robusta is of lower quality. I know it sounds as if it should be better but it just is not. There is more caffeine in Robusta but when comparing oil, sugars, etc, Arabica wins out every time. I have heard tell that anybody who has ever had good Vietnamese Robusta will never go back. I doubt that really.

I guess that I am partial because there are many people who enjoy Robusta over Arabica, but any expert will tell you that Robusta tends to have a burnt rubber taste and over-all cheapness about it. Oh well, my rant is over. I just had to get that off my cup. I’ll spell check later on. It’s bed time. Good night.

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