Monthly Archives: December 2005

70′s Fun Mug

Here is a photo of my most recent mug addition. I thought it was a fun one to have. Reminds me of old times back when I was a teen. Hmmm…. that sure has been a loooooong time ago. lol

My Own Swiss Coffee

Audrey’s Swiss Coffee

3 oz swiss chocolate, chopped or grated
1 cup half -n- half
1 cup heavy cream
2 tbs sugar
2 shots espresso or 2 tbs. dark instant coffee
Whipped cream

Heat the milk and chocolate together in a saucepan until melted and smooth. Do not scorch! Stir in espresso/instant coffee and serve with whipped cream on top. Optional shaved chocolate on top whipped cream.

Yum yum!

A Visit from The Coffee Santa

I got a visit from coffee santa yesterday and I just had to tell about it. I noticed a very caffeinated santa falling down my chimeny yesterday morning. With him he brought a great box filled with cool coffee, mug, and cookies!

I asked who they are from and he told me Lisa! Lisa is a friend of mine that I met online some 6 years ago and we talk daily (online) in some form or another. She sent me some coffee from a place named WaWa there in Philly. I’d never heard of such! Of course, being a fan of Starbucks, I was somewhat skeptical and hesitated to try. I did not hesitate for long since I am a try-er of new things. Ahhhh…. yes…..