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Sleepy? Drink a Cup of Coffee

Researchers have dicovered coffee helps clear your system of adenosine. Adenosine is a chemical which make you sleepy. Realizing this, they also found that when tired or sleepy, a simple cup of coffee followed immediately with a 15 minute nap would give you the best chance to feel alert for a longer period of time. You must however, take the nap right after having the coffee.

Coffee, Use it to Boost Conversation!

Have you ever considered your coffee cup to be a topic starter or ice breaker? You should.

I’ve found that nothing quite relaxes me more than being able to sit and enjoy a cup of good coffee. I have also noticed that conversation seems to take on new meaning when sitting with someone else who also enjoys that cup of Joe.

Coffee, though it can make a person tense, can also even out an irritating mood or angry feelings. Say for instance you and your make are having a disagreement. Jump in the car and go to your local coffee shop or coffee bar, sit, relax, and talk things over with a good cup of java. It is truly an ice breaker.

Site Allowing Reader Participation

I found a coffee related blog today that is allowing it’s readers to send a photo of their favorite coffee cup/mug to be displayed on the blog. Pretty nifty idea. I should have thought of that seeing how I’ve been including my mugs and cups on here for some time now. If you want to check the blog out, I’ll drop the link down below this post.

Grill Boy dot net’s Coffee Cup Project

Coffee and Liver Function

Coffee and Liver Function

I found this article on coffee and liver function and found it quite interesting. I thought you may enjoy and benefit from it as well. Here is a portion and link to the article after that:

In a presentation at the Tea and Coffee Symposium in June 2003 Professor D’Amicis, Head of Nutrition Information Unit at INRAN in Rome, Italy, highlighted how coffee drinking specifically could be protective against:

Cirrhosis of the liver (a disease causing progressive damage and scarring of the liver tissue and function)

Gallbladder disease – by reducing the risk of gallstone formation.

An increase of liver enzyme activity. A high liver enzyme activity is a recognised indicator that there has been deterioration in the functioning of liver cells and possible development of disease in the liver.

You can read the entire, interesting article by visiting: Positively Coffee: article Coffee and Liver Function

Yet Another Use for Used Coffee Grounds

Another use for coffee groundsSo… I read this morning where you can also use ‘dried’ coffee grounds for a sweeping compound. Like you would chat. In a garage would be good. Spread dried coffee grounds over an oil slick and let it absorb it then sweep it up. Don’t know how well this would work but it’s worth a shot if you have a lot of used grounds lying around the house. You have to let them dry before storing them though. Just a thought.