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Coffee makes – Top ten money drains

Coffee always seems to make the top ten wasteful spending list. Either #1 or #3 on the list depending on the list you look at.

Here’s 2 articles:

My problem with these list is I think they are put together by non coffee drinkers.  And if you order the coffee online, in whole bean form, and grind it yourself then their argument breaks down.  I will admit that going to a coffee shop an paying $2-$4 a cup could be classified as wasteful, but sometimes coffee can be your entertainment and food budget.  And I don’t see movies on those lists…

European Coffee Culture

It would be great to be able to make coffee a social experience the way the Europeans do, but  most of of don’t have the time every day.  We americans need to get our coffee on the go most of the time. 

Do you think that coffee tastes better when you get the time to sit down with a nice ceramic cup or get it on the go in a travel or paper cup?

Leave a comment to let everyone know what you think.

Checout the Aritcle that got me thinking:

Would you like to be a coffee blogger?

Would you like to be a coffee blogger?

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Coffee and tea could lower the risk of Uterine Cancer in women

According to a study in the International Journal of Cancer, women who drink a few cups of coffee or tea each day have a lower risk of endometrial cancer.  They don’t seem to know why, but does it really matter.  That’s one more reason to drink the miracle bean juice.

Source Article:

Buy your coffee Whole Bean

For all of you who love great coffee house coffee. I’m going to let you in on a secret. There are two major components to a great cup of coffee.

  • The first is the water, since your black magic juice is 99%+ of the stuff. I suggest using a good water filter before you pour it into the pot.
  • The second is the beans themselves. And the secret there is simple, buy whole bean coffee and grind right before you brew.
  • Of course, it always helps to buy quality coffee beans, fresh ground bad beans makes really fresh bad coffee.  But, if you have good beans and they are pre-ground they can turn bad, or at least not as good, fast.

    The reason is oil.  A great deal of the flavor in that coffee bean comes from the oils, and oils have a tendency to go rancid, light and oxygen speeds the process.  So, if you grind your coffee (or buy it from a can all ground up) then those oils get a lot more exposure to oxygen and the time bomb starts a tickin’.

    So, if you don’t have one buy a grinder.  I know it takes an extra 30 seconds to brew that pot of coffee, but I think you are worth it. 

    Most people will tell you that a Burr style grinder is the best, but even a blade grinder is a ton better than the pre-ground. 

    I’ll spend more time talking about grinders some other time but you can go to Amazon or any department store to find a decent grinder.

    Here’s some Grinders I found on Amazon: Coffee Grinder List

    Philips Senseo Recall – Update 4-15-09

    There has been an update on the Senseo Coffee Maker Recall.
    If you own one of these, check to see if have one of the recalled model numbers.

    The recall includes coffee makers with the following model numbers: HD 7810, HD 7811, HD 7815, HD 7820, HD 7832 and HD 7890. Those made in China have date codes 0727 through 0847. The recalled coffee makers made in Poland have date codes 0627 through 0847. The products were sold nationwide at Wal-Mart, Target and Safeway stores and online at between July 2006 through March 2009.
    View Update Source @

    Philips recalls defective Senseo coffee makers

    Millions of Senseo Coffee makers have been recalled according to Associated Press.

    Apparently a buildup of chalk with a power surge can cause the boiler to explode. If you own one, and are planning on continuing using it,  I would check out how to descale it, to try and make sure something like that doesn’t happen to you. Just so you know, I’m not saying that descaling it will keep this from happening, you would have to check with them to make sure.

    Read how to descale your Senseo here:

    It doesn’t seem that anyone has been hurt yet, but if you have one that was made between 2006 and 2008 I would check to see if you are on the recall list.

    Read the full article here:

    Great Latte Art

    Do you have some extra time?

    If you have an espresso machine that can make good crema, a steady hand, and a lot of free time. You can learn to do this.

    It doesn’t make your latte taste any better, but it’s still neat.