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Will Your Teen Learn Your Addiction From Watching YOU?????

I found this video and thought it was hilarious. It deals with the addiction to coffee that we all have in only a way that “Scrubs” can do it. Make sure you watch the whole thing. The last part is the best. I hope this little laugh brightens up your Monday morning. Enjoy!

Columbia Coffee Output Drops for May

Columbia, the world’s third largest producer of coffee, is predicting that there output of their beans could drop to 10,000,000 bags less this year than last year, according to Jorge Lazano who is the president of the National Association of Columbia Coffee Exporters.  The numbers for May are not good, compared to the same time last year.  The crop may fall 13% from the amount harvested this time last year.  The  Association is sticking to it previous prediction for this years crop being between 10.5 million to 11.5 million bags this year, each bag weighing 132 lbs.  They expect to still meet the needs of all contracted shipments, even with the lower output.  The prediction that Columbia will harvest less beans this year than in the past has made coffee gain 22% this year.  Coffee may exceed $1.70 per pound, which is a ten year high.  This is due to excessive rainfall which has damaged the crops, according to the growers federation.

Espresso Facts/Tips and Honey Bean Coffee Review by Coffee Nate

Learn about espresso and hear the taste by taste coffee review by Coffee Nate about Honey Bean Coffee.  Check out the coffee review at:

Port Shut In Honduras After Quake

The port of Puerto Cortes, located outside the city of San Pedro Sula, was closed on Thursday after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake.   Puerto Cortes is the Carribean port for 80% of Honduras’ products such as coffee, bananas, hardwood and coconuts.  The port suffered damage to machinery and equipment. 

Jose Angel Saavedra, a major producer and member of the IHCAFE coffee growers’ group, said there were no signs of damage to Honduran coffee farms.

Coffee Crawl Seattle Style

Its no surprise that Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop at Pike Market Place is the embarkation point for the Seattle Coffee Crawl.  You will have plenty of energy (caffeine) to get your through the 1.6 mile coffee tour through downtown where you will lean about Seattle’s culture and history, which, of course, is rich in coffee!  Its like a cupping on the go.  You get to sample coffee from downtown coffee shops.  Tours are held daily at 10am and last approximately 2 hours.  The cost is $20 per person.

Check out www.SeattleByFoot.comto find out more. You can also read another article aobut the Coffee Crawl at

Explosion Rocks Starbucks in NYC

A sidewalk bench and window  of a Startbucks  were shattered after an explosive devise went off on the Upper East Side of NYC.  No one was injured.  Police are investigating to determine if the explosion was related to other explosions in Manhattan.  Terrorism is not expected at this time.

To read more, please see

Man Throws Coffee in Dogs Face

WCVB/TV, has reported that a man in Boston has been charged with animal cruelty after throwing coffee into a dog’s face.

Michael Pothier told police that he had an ongoing problem with his neighbor’s dog barking at him from behind the neighbor’s fence. Although he admitted that he threw the coffee out of frustration, he denied that the coffee was hot. The neighbor said that the coffee was hot to the touch on the dog. When the police arrived, they could smell the coffee on the dog.

Pothier was arrested and the German Shepard was taken to the vet.

To read the article from from WCVB please click the link below:

Drinking Coffee in Space

Astronauts cannot go without their cup of Joe.

Coffee Kiosk Robberies

Mountain Mudd has increased security after suffering a string of robberies at their coffee kiosks in Billings, Montanna .  Four robberies have occurred between April 25th and May 11th. The robberies have all occurred the same way;  the kiosk baristas are approach, a demand for money is made and then the perpetrator flees on foot.  In an effort to put a stop to these robberies Mountain Mudd has hired security personnel and set up surveillance cameras.

Caffeine Free Coffee Plant

Would you like decaf?  How about an uncaffinated coffee plant?  A new caffeine free coffee plant from Camaroon, has been named one of 10 top new species for 2008. 

To read more about the top new species please visit the link below.

Recall on Bunn Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Chicago Tribune has reported that Bunn-O-Matic,d Corp.  has recalled 35,600 of their Single-Cup Pod Brewers because there is a potential burn hazard associated with them.  Although the recall was voluntary, it was done after the US Consumer Products Safety Commission disclosed that they had received 10 reports of the coffee brewer coming open during the brewing process,resulting in one customer suffering minor burns. 

If you think you may be affected by this recall, please contact Bunn at 1 (800) 741-3405 or visit their website at,0,3203525.story