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Does Coffee Dehydrate You?

People who live in higher elevations, such as in Boulder, CO., often worry about dehydration.  They feel that due to the dry climate and huge amount of outdoor activities, they must drink water from the time they get up until they lay their head on the pillow at night to stay hydrated.  It also makes many wonder if coffee is a dehydrating drink.  Some health professionals tell their clients to drink two glasses of water for every cup of coffee they drink in order to avoid dehydration.  However, recent research is countering this assumption. 

Vanderbilt University Institute for Coffee Studies and Positively Coffee have been doing research on the dehydrating effects of coffee.  Their studies show that moderate caffeine consumption does not dehydrate people, but it is considered an acceptable contributor to a humans daily fluid intake requirement.  A 2007 study looked at fluid balance, hydration and exercise in the heat.  They concluded that if you have no more than 400mg of caffeine, there is no dehydration effect with either exercise or at rest.  A 1.5 ounce sot of espresso contains approximately 77 mg of caffeine so a single or even a double latte in the morning will not hurt you.  Many people even say that consuming coffee before they exercise makes them more productive during their activity. 

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Customer Burned By 5 Cups of Coffee: Burger King Sued

Yoliara Romas, an 18-year-old Osceola County, Florida woman, filed a lawsuit  on Wednesday against Burger King claiming that she was burned by 5 cups of their coffee.

Ms. Romas claims that last  Tuesday, she ordered 5 cups of coffee and was given the order by an employee in a drink carrier which only had four openings.  The 5th cup of coffee was placed in the center of the carrier making the tray unstable.  As a result, she claims that she spilled the coffee in her lap and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her thighs.

“This is the most excruciating thing I have ever have gone through,” Ramos said.

“As soon as I got out of the car, my skin was like literally, on the floor,” Ramos said. “I literally picked it up off the floor.”

William McBride, Ramos’ lawyer,  says Ramos is suing Burger King for medical bills, pain and suffering and the cost of future procedures, including skin grafts and physical therapy.  She is also suing for lost wages and the possible loss of a “Bright Futures” scholarship.  McBride stated that he has not yet reviewed her medical records.

“We want to get discovery,” McBride said. “We want to get video of the actual day at Burger King in the drive-through. We want to see the memos. We want to see what temperature they are serving the coffee. We want to know why somebody – an employee – would serve five cups of coffee when the tray only holds four and placing that fifth one in between them. That could happen to any of us.”

Burger King officials released this statement:

Burger King Corp. has not been formally served with a lawsuit related to Ms. Ramo’s claims and therefore cannot comment further at this time.

Ramos’ mother spoke out on the issue stating “I’m mad, you know, because it shouldn’t have happened to her,” said Yolanda Ramos. “If they had been more careful, this would not have happened to her.”

“The scars and all that will tell them how bad the burns were,” Yolanda Ramos said. “You know this is not just a spill where she would get coffee on her — you know it’s a really bad mark that she is going to have forever.”

RECALL: Black and Decker Spacemaker Coffee Maker

Black and Decker has recalled their Spacemaker Coffee Maker, sold between March 2006 and March 2009. These brewers are dangerous because their brew basket can shift out of position during brewing allowing hot water to spill out and burn people. Black and Decker has received 235 reports of this happening, 10 of the consumers received 2nd degree burns. The coffee maker was sold at major retailers including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls, Target and If you have purchased one of these coffee makers, please call 866-668-4442.

Aerobie Aeropress Coffee & Espresso Maker Review

The Aerobie Aeropres is a single cut coffee & espresso maker. It
The coffee is micro-filtered. It so pure and particle-free that it can be stored for days as a concentrate. The concentrate can be drunk as espresso, mixed with milk for lattes, or diluted to make American coffee.  

Its easy to use and clean, which is a must!  It also makes your espresso and coffee taste great!  Also, you cannot beat the price. Total immersion of the grounds in the water results in rapid yet robust extraction of flavor and allows for a moderate temperature, which results in a smoother brew. The air pressure, created by the plunger, shortens filtering time to approximately 20 seconds. This avoids the bitter taste associated with the long process of traditional drip brewing. The air pressure squeezes the last goodness from the grounds, enriching the flavor of the coffee. Due to the lower temperature and shorter brewing time, the acid level of the coffee is much lower than traditional brewers. Aeropress released laboratory pH testing results which measured the brew’s acid as less than one fifth that of regular drip brew. The low acid is confirmed by coffee drinkers of the product who confirmed that coffee  made with the Aeropress was much friendlier to their stomachs.

The Aeropress is slightly more time-consuming for the user than traditional french press or drip coffee makers.  It takes about the same amount of time as a standard espresso machine.

Mountain View Coffee Shop Employee Punched and Tip Jar Stolen

An employee of a Mountain View, CA Starbucks coffee shop was punched in the face Tuesday while trying to stop a thief from stealing the store’s tip jar, police said.

The employee, who was 19 years old, was leaving the Mountain View Starbucks, located at 1390 Pear Avenue after his shift when he saw someone exiting the building with the tip jar, according to Liz Wylie, the spokswoman for the Mountain View Police Department.  When the employee ordered the man to stop he began running and the employee began running after him.  When the employee caught up with the thief in the parking lot at 1625 Space Park Way, he was met by four or five of the thief’s accomplices, according to Wylie, who said the theirf moved toward the employee and “clocked him in the face.”  The employee only sustained minor injuries.  The men escaped by driving off in a red four-door Japanese car.

Police said that tip jars have been stolen from two other Starbucks stores in the area.  Police do think these incidents are related.

New York Man Finds Stained Image of Jesus in a Coffee Mug

Jerry Stolfi, 49, of Ravena, NY, said he noticed an image, which is smaller than a square inch, of Jesus’ face wearing the crown of thorns after finishing a cup of coffee April 29, 2009 and has since kept the mug carefully stored in a cupboard that has been re-dubbed a “shrine,” the Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union reported Thursday.  He never plans to wash it.

Not everyone who has viewed the image sees it as Jesus’ likeness, Stolfi said.  “It’s 50-50,” he said. “I don’t blame those that don’t see the image. I saw it straight off the bat.”

Mr. Stolfi is a former alter boy and is sharing the news of this image as a message of hope.  He has no plans to sell the stained cup or otherwise profit off of it. 

“You don’t hear about an image like this coming to everybody every day,” he said. “It’s so rare. He selected me for some reason.”

Starbucks Recalls Coffee Grinder

Starbucks is voluntarily recalling approximately 530,000 grinders sold between March 2002 and March 2009 under the names of Starbucks Barista Blade Grinder and Seattle’s Best Coffee Blade Grinder .

Three incidents have been reported where the consumer received lacerations while cleaning their grinder. There have been 176 reports of the grinder turning itself on and off unexpectedly. Consumers should immediately stop using the grinders and contact Starbucks for a free replacement grinder at 866-276-2950 or look online at Starbucks Coffee Grinder Recall

Zojirushi Fresh Brew Review

Zojirushi Fresh Brew coffee maker is unmistakeably sleek.  But, is it as good for your your coffee fix as it is for your eyes?  We have reviewed this product and found that is delivers, despite a few setbacks.

Zojirushi features a large carafe and keeps coffee hot and fresh.  It is easy to use.  It is also easy to clean, which is a must in my book and it runs quietly, also a plus.   

On the downside, the controls are on the side instead of the front, which takes a little getting used to.  It also brews a larger quantity as opposed to the one pot brewers.    The spout is small.  The carafe lid is secure but the one we tried  was also a little hard to unscrew.   

All in all, we found this coffee maker to be well worth the money
spent, especially for those on a budget.

Police’s Coffee Break Interupted by Would Be Burglar

The San Fransisco Chronicle has reported that three Fremont police officers were having a little coffee break at Starbucks, when they got the rudest interruption. 

The officers received a call that someone was trying to break in to a car at the Fremont BART station.  Dutifully answering that call, they went to the scene to assist and found Andrew Edmondson,52.  They detained him on suspicion of burglary, but supervisors did not find significant evidence to make an arrest on that charge.  They did however, charge him with giving them a false name, “Honesty Herron”.  He is being held in Santa Rita jail in lieu of a $1500 bond.

The officers believe that Edmondson had been casing vehicles in the parking lot and that they likely stopped many vehicles from being burglarized.

Starbucks Overcharges Over One Million Customers

Starbucks had a little bit of trouble over Memorial Day weekend.  Over one million customers were overcharged for their coffee drinks on Friday, May 22nd and Saturday, May 23rd..  How much?  They were charged twice for each purchase.  The charges were accidental and due to a computer banking glitch.  Starbucks is working diligently to correct the problem and reimburse the customers who were overcharged on their debit and credit cards.  May customers do not know that they have been overcharged because the overcharged amount did not appear on the Starbucks receipt.  It does however show up on the customers credit card statements.

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