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Starbuck’s Via Instant Coffee Flops in NY

Starbucks failed  to impress New Yorkers with their new instant coffee during its launch this week.  Starbucks launched their Via Ready Brew, which is instant coffee in single packets, across the United States and Canada.  It was price pointed at $1 per pack.

According to CEO Howard Schultz , “It took a lot of courage to say that even though instant coffee is the worst cup of coffee you can have, we are going to reinvent it.”  One New Yorker told the Daily News that, “It’s bad,” while another observed, “You can get a cup of coffee for $1 on every corner of New York City that tastes better than this. Maybe it’s a product for people in other cities. I don’t see it selling here.”

So how will Via Ready Brew do in the rest of the United States and Canada?  Time will tell.

Starbucks Instant Packets Go Nationwide

As of Tuesday, Starbucks has integrated their new Via instant coffee packets in all stores across the United States and Canadia.  They are pushing this addition by a massive advertising campaign and also in-store merchandising.

So why is Starbucks entering the instant coffee market?  Instant coffee does around 17 billion dollars in annual global sales.  That is 40% of the global coffee market.  Definitely worth Starbuck’s time, especially in a depressed market.

Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz believes people will find it hard to taste the difference between Via and the company’s brewed coffees.  “We are sitting on one of the biggest opportunities the company has ever had,” Schultz told reporters in a conference call. “We have a chance to transform the coffee industry.”

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Coffee and Tea Keep You Alert and Healthy

Many of us feel sluggish in the morning, be  it in a boardroom or in a classroom, we find ourselves tuning out, nodding off and generally not paying attention to what’s going on around us.  There is a solution.  Drinking tea and coffee with your breakfast will help to keep you alert, active, and healthy.

Coffee has also been found to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.  Tea has not been found to have the same effect.  The Iowa Women’s Health Study showed that women who drink four or more cups of coffee a day are 20% less likely to develop diabetes than non-coffee drinkers. 

Coffee also has an effect on Parkinson’s Disease.  Coffee drinkers are 80% less chance of being diagnosed with the disease than non-drinkers.  They also have a 25% less chance of developing colon cancer, and 80% less chance of developing cirrhosis of the liver and a 50% less chance of developing gallstones. 

Drink up and live well!

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