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Back Pedal Brew by Middle Fork Roasters

Back Pedal Brew by Middle Fork Roasters (Coffee Review)

back-pedalOrigin: Blend

This is a Medium Dark Blend of organic coffees. At first blush, there is an intense smokiness that lingers on the palate, producing a subtle bitterness. As the cup cools slightly, the finish rounds out, but the intensity of flavor remains in every sip.

I’d stay away from the cream and sugar on this one, either one will cover the flavor profile the roaster intended. Intense yet smooth.

The flavor is intense enough to hold up a super sticky dessert, but smooth enough to drink before the worst of business meetings.

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Coffee Not Linked to Tinnitus

For decades people have believed that there is a negative link between tinnitus, which is ringing in the ear, and coffee  consumption.  Namely, many people believed that drinking coffee could cause increased ringing in the ear. In fact, if you suffer from tinnitus and stop drinking coffee, your problem might just get worse according to the Researchers at Bristol University’s Center for Hearing and Balance.

Dr. Lindsay St. Clare, the head researcher,told
ScienceDaily that the studies dismissed the correlation between coffee and tinnitus. “With almost 85 per cent of adults in the world consuming caffeine daily, we wanted to challenge the claim that caffeine makes tinnitus worse. Many professionals support caffeine withdrawal as a tinnitus therapy, even though there is a lack of any relevant evidence, and, in fact, acute symptoms of caffeine withdrawal might even make tinnitus worse.” St. Clare said.

So, go head and have a latte!