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Entenmann’s Coffee – Cinnamon Crumb Cake – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by Entenmann’s Coffee,

If you are a fan of flavored coffees Entenmann’s flavors won’t disappoint. These coffees pack more flavor than their signature pastries they are usually known for. I didn’t try these with a pastry but I’m sure that would only add to the flavor explosion with this coffee.

Beans Prepared By Animals

In the Philippines coffee is becoming a big business.  Coffee trees grow abundantly on these islands.  But the Philippines have a little more help in making coffee “extra special” than other counties do.  How is that?

Some Philippine beans get a little extra  processing which makes them the most expensive coffee beans in the world.  This processing is handled by an unlikely employee who gets paid in coffee cherries.  His taxes, if you will, are then pooped out in the form of processed coffee beans which are quickly collected and packaged for your enjoyment.  So just who is this little worker?

The civet is a catlike creature, although not actually a cat.  He is nocturnal and furry.  He loves coffee cherries and in return for his delicious feast the enzymes and acids in his stomach ferment the beans and when they are excreted from the animal’s intestinal track they produce a lovely chocolaty and smooth brew with no bitter aftertaste.  These lovely beans sell for hundreds of dollars a pound.  As you can imagine, civet farms are popping up all along this impoverished region.  Indonesia also has this coffee, better known to the world a copi luwak.

The fact that these coffee farms are on the rise may help; the consumer by bringing down cost.  However, with such high margins one as to wonder if they are getting the genuine deal or a knock off of the origional. 

“Because of its increasing popularity, there is more civet coffee than ever, but I don’t trust the quality,” said Rudy Widjaja, 68, whose 131-year-old family-owned coffee store in Jakarta, Warung Tinggi, is considered Indonesia’s oldest.

Goad Sibayan, a purchaser of these coffee beans, has found some issues with the much sought after coffee.  He went to Cordillera to a arm known as Pat-ogs and inspected their beans.  Upon inspection he said he would pay just under top-grade price. He had found some impurities — inferior beans that the civet had spat out; beans chewed on, not by civets, but bats — that were indiscernible to all but Mr. Sibayan’s expert eye or, rather, tongue.

To read more about Mr. Sibayan’s trip to the Philippines, please visit

Starbucks Free Treats on Tax Day!

Tax day is not a day most people look forward to.  Starbucks is trying to put a little spring in your step on the way to the post office. to drop of your taxes! 

Get free brewed coffee all day Thursday at Starbucks if you bring your own mug, a promotion the cafe chain says is friendly to the environment as well as taxpayers.

Stop buy and get a caffine fix and some tax relief!

Kahvé Koffee – Danish Blend – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by Kahvé Koffee,

A smooth blend of coffees that keeps a sharp snap at the end. This coffee has almost a syrupy body and a very smooth mouthfill. Although there is a decided snap to this coffee there is no signs of over roasting or unnecessary bitterness. I find this coffee very well suited for a decadent dessert.

Notes from Kahvé Koffee

Start with a flavorful light roast, add a bit of dark roast for body, and you have a traditional Danish Blend. Our version maintains the traditional style consisting of a dynamic combination of four beans, including 25% French Roast. The Danish Blend is spirited and substantial, with plenty of snap.

Spiro Sells $13 Cup of Coffee

In these economic times its hard to believe that people would pay $13 or a cup of coffee.  Well, believe it.  Spiro, a coffee shop in Baltimore, is selling a 12oz cup of coffee for $13 and people are lining up to buy it!

Spiro is selling a blend from El Salvadore called Aida’s Grand Reserve.  A Brooklyn coffee shop is selling a cup of coffee from Panama for $9 a cup.  Its from Hacienda La Esmeralda. 

Its very surprising to me that people are paying these prices given the economic issues facing America.  Perhaps they are buying it as a treat.  We can always splurge for a delicious coffee treat now and then!

Coffee: Good or Bad for Weight Loss?

Coffee is typically only 5 calories a cup.  Add the caffeine and its a great  boost for your weight loss regimen.  But, without thinking about it, you can sabotage coffee’s benefits to your bottom line. 

According to Men’s Health, most people can add on 400 or more calories by ordering specialty coffee drinks.  Whipped cream and specialty syrups can really pile on the calories.  even with watching what you eat, you must count in the calories you drink as well.

High Beam Coffee – Ethiopian Harrar (Blue Beam) – Coffee Review

Coffee Provided by High Beam Coffee,

Like most African coffees there is a slight tartness or wineyness, this is hidden almost completely in this dark roast by an intense smokiness.  You can still taste floral and fruity notes as the coffee sets on your palette. There is a noticeable lack of any sharp bitterness which some darker roasts can have.  Overall a great cup of coffee, especially if you like deep flavored coffee and can enjoy the smokiness that comes along with that.

Notes from High Bean Coffee

From the region of Harrar, Ethiopia, we bring you the Longberry coffee bean. Fair Trade, Organic, and delicious. We roast it to perfection (Full City) to bring out the light-bodied flavor, and natural blueberry notes. At the tip of the tongue you will notice the bright fruity notes. Onward through the palette weaves a classic light and smokey body with a finish that lingers long enough for you to cherish but calls on you for another taste. It is undoubtedly the founders’ choice for a single bean flavor in a cup.

With that we proudly introduce to you, Blue Beam