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New Yorkers Crazy for POO

Kopi Luwak, also known as cat poo coffee, is taking New York by storm!  It is made from the fecal droppings of a cat like creature, the civet.  New Yorkers are shelling out $30 a cup for this unusual treat, according to the NY Daily News. 

The civet, which is from Indonesia, creates a brew that is very “earthy” in flavor.  Kopi Luwak was featured in the movie “The Bucket List”, being the only coffee that Jack Nicholson’s character would drink.  The character is later horrified to learn exactly where is liquid delight origionated.

Instant Coffee in a Stick

Starbucks came out with the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Stick packets and then, as always, some one else comes along to create competition.  Who is that competition?  Nescafe Taster’s Choice, who vow that their instant sticks are more flavorful than Starbucks, but perhaps most importantly in this economy, they claim to be four times cheaper.  You read that right 4 times cheaper that Starbucks Sticks!

The Chicago Tribune found that, on average, one packet of Nescafe costs 19cents per packet as opposed to Starbucks which costs approximately 83 cents per packet.  The price is obviously much better, but what about the taste?  The Tribune also conducted a blind taste test with six testers to find out if the money you are saving is equal to the flavor you may or may not be loosing by getting the cheaper product.

The test included not only the the Columbian of both brands of sticks, but also a brewed Columbian.  No surprise, the brewed coffee won hands down, but that is not what we are concerned with.  Back to the sticks!

Make Seattle’s Best Coffee’s cold brewed coffee at home with a Toddy

Seattle’s Best makes amazing Iced coffees and you can too. Their Secret is a Toddy home brewing System and their Beach House Blend.
I recently made a batch of iced coffee concentrate using this method and I have to say the Beach House Blend is amazingly smooth and great just over ice.

If you’ve never tried either they are worth a look. I added a pound of coffee to the cold brewer put it in my fridge and the next morning I had 2 quarts of coffee concentrate. This is like the espresso of the cold world. If you don’t drink a lot of coffee please remember this is concentrated. They tell you that you can ad some hot water to recreate a cup of coffee, and I was shocked how much this tasted like a good Americano. But, drank most of it over ice with a dask of milk. If you have a blender then the options are endless.

Seattle’s Best Coffee’s cold brewed coffee brewing process, can be replicated at home using the Toddy home brewing system.

The Seattle’s Best Coffee cold brewed coffee concentrate, a concentrate coffee extract produced by using a special cold brewing process, is the key ingredient in Seattle’s Best Coffee’s summer lineup. The cold brewing process extracts the flavors of coffee and leaves behind undesirable acids and oils, resulting in a bold, slightly sweet, smooth-tasting coffee with more than 50 percent less acidity than conventional brewing methods. Cold brewed coffee is used as the base for Seattle’s Best Coffee JavaKula blended beverages, cold milkshakes and Hand Shaken ColdBrewed Originals.

With the Seattle’s Best Coffee Toddy home brewing system ( you can make cold brewed coffee at home. The Toddy brewing system lets you make up to 48 fluid ounces of coffee concentrate – which is enough to make plenty of iced coffee treats for a party, or refrigerate (the concentrate is best for up to 7 days) to enjoy throughout the week.

I could tell you more, but I think this video on YouTube sums up the cold brewing process pretty nicely: (and next, make sure you check out this video on cold brewed recipes to see all kinds of drinks you can make with the Toddy!

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International Delight – Skinny Vanilla Latte – Coffee Creamer Review

Want to add a splash of flavor to your morning coffee or to a nice Iced coffee in the afternoon without any of the guilt.

Try International Delights new CoffeeHouse Inspirations “Skinny” flavors.

I’m not usually a fan of anything “Low Calorie”, but these are surprisingly addictive, especially in iced coffee. Just cubes, cold coffee and a splash of flavored creamer and you’ve got a nice treat. If your into the flavored coffee scene I’d definitely suggest Skinny Vanilla Latte creamer.

They are in most grocery stores now.

Check out their website and you might be able to snag a coupon.

Checkout their Skinny Caramel Macchiato flavored creamer too.