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Hurricane Sandy Hammers Cuban Coffee Crops

Hurricane Sandy is hitting hard causing horrible, devastating damage here in the United States. Its hitting other countries as well. Cuba has been devastated as well. Their coffee crops have more or less been destroyed.

Between 20 to 30 percent of the Cuban coffee crop ended up on the ground by the time Sandy was finished with it. Many plantation processors were damaged by falling trees in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, where most, 92 percent, of Cuban coffee is grown. In the Guantanamo province, the country’s second producer after Santiago de Cuba, “lost 174,475 cans of beans” and “47 processing centers were damaged”.

Although harvest season is from September to January, the peak harvest occurs in October and November.

7/11 Has “Coffee Cup” Poll to Predict Presidential Election Outcome

Polls are definitely part of the election season and 7/11 has decided to jump on the bandwagon and do their own poll with coffee cups.

Every four years 7/11 changes their coffee cups to blue and red. If you choose a red cup you cast your vote for Romney and if you choose a blue cup you cast your vote for Obama. 7/11 says that the number of cups sold in each color in 2000, 2004 and 2008 accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential election.

Currently Obama is in the lead with 59% of the cups of coffee sold being in blue cups. Red cups sold have put Romney following at 41%.

15 states are not participating in the “cup poll”. Those states did not participate in the 3 earlier polls either.

For election results you can check out the results at this link:

100% Compostable Coffee Pack Released

Coffee is getting greener all the time. Pistol and Burns, a Canadian coffee roaster, has launched a fully compostable coffee package for its fair trade, organic Farmer’s First brand. The compostable packaging is paper bag laminated to transparent NatureFlex™ film from Innovia Films.

“Our enviro–friendly coffee bag can be organically recycled (composted), which means it breaks down in a home compost bin.” said Roy Hardy, the President of Pistol and Burns.

“We recommended NatureFlex to Pistol & Burnes for several reasons. First and foremost, the film performs well technically, having high barrier properties and good seal integrity that enhance shelf life, keeping oxygen out and aroma in—very important for packaging coffee. Secondly, NatureFlex is perfectly aligned with the ethos of their Fair Trade, organic Farmer First brand.” says Bill Reilly, technical manager of Genpak, the company which developed the NatureFlex technology.

Brazil Nursing Student Kills Patient By Injecting Her With Coffee

Studies have shown that coffee is good for the heart, but not when directly injected into it!!

Rejane Telles, a Brazilian nursing student, has found herself on the receiving end of an involuntary manslaughter charge after injecting coffee and milk into the IV line of an 80 year old woman. It went straight to her heart and killed her. The student had only three days of job experience when the incident occurred.

Telles denies any intent to kill the patient stating that there were 2 lines, one for feedings and one for the blood drip and she simply chose the wrong line. “They were next to each other, anyone can get confused. I injected the coffee and I put it in the wrong place,”

If this wasn’t sad enough, the ladies daughter was there when it happened and she watched her mother die. “I saw my mother was agitated. She opened her mouth, and this youngster put coffee with milk into (her) veins,” the daughter said.

Three other persons are also facing charges due to the death.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract: How much should you have for weight loss?

We have heard so many times the good that can come from drinking coffee. It seems that getting pure green coffee bean extract can be great for you too, especially to help you loose weight.

Dr. Oz has discussed the benefits of pure green coffee bean extract and has given a recommended dosage to receive the maximum benefit from taking it for weight loss.

With a team helping him, including Dr. Caroline Apovian and registered dietician Kristin Kirkpatrick,the Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract Project was intended to allow Dr. Oz to informally test the effects of the extract on 100 women between the ages of 35 and 49. 50 women were given a placebo three times a day before each meal, while the other 50 were given a 400 mg dose of green coffee bean extract three times a day before each meal. The findings showed that the women who took Green Coffee Bean extract tablets three times a day lost 2 pounds per week on average as compared to one pound of fat lost per week by the women who only took a placebo three times a day.

Dr. Oz has recommends getting supplements that contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid extract (sometimes listed as GCA) or Svetol. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take the supplements.

Economy Pushes College Students in Wales to Choose Coffee Over Beer

Traditionally college students the world over survive on two main drinks, coffee and beer. Coffee gets them through the day and those all night study sessions. Beer is for fun. But in Wales the economy is pushing students closer to the coffee and farther away from beer.

College students are traditionally strapped for cash. They will generally use extra cash to party with. Its easy to go to a bar close to most campuses and see them hopping. But the student union bar at Aberystwyth University in Wales has had to close its doors because students are choosing to spend their money on coffee instead of beer. Some say this is because this generation of Brits has grown up in a “coffee culture”. Others say its because of the economy.

“More students are drinking coffee during the day while studying – and fewer are going out late into the night.” Student president Ben Meakin said. “This is partly because of the rise in tuition fees and students having to face further financial hardship.” “So the university has chosen to improve the main union building to make it a more appealing living room on campus during the day time.” Meakin added.

Elephant Poo in Your Coffee Anyone?

I have previously written about Kopi Luwak coffee, an expensive bean that comes from the remains of a berry eaten by the Asian Palm Civet, a cat like creature. Well now I have another expensive animal poo coffee to tell you about, only this one if from Thai Elephants.

Black Ivory, the coffee beans predigested for you by an elephant, sell for $1,100 per kilogram. There are only 50 kilograms, about 110 pounds, currently for sale.

You can get this brew, which is harvested from elephant dung, at Anantara Resorts’ Maldives properties. Its also offered at Anantara’s Golden Triangle property in Thailand.

According to the resort, during digestion, the enzymes of the elephant break down coffee protein, which is one of the factors responsible for bitterness in coffee. The less protein you have, the less bitterness in the coffee. When you order the coffee, they will grind it at your table and brew it in four minutes. The notes are floral and chocolate and the taste “milk chocolate, nutty, earthy with hints of spice and red berries.”

Coffee Consumption Linked to Glaucoma

Coffee is good for a whole lot of things, but I guess too much of a good thing can possibly lead to something not so good. A recent study at Harvard has linked having three or more cups of coffee per day to a slight increased risk of developing exfoliation glaucoma.

The study examined 78,977 women in a Nurses’ Health Study and 41,202 men in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. All of the participants were over 40 years old and none of them suffered from glaucoma. All of them had received eye exams from 1980 through 2008 according to Science Daily. All participants participated in health questionnaires.

Exfoliation glaucoma is caused by tiny white flakes that build up on the lens of the eye, according to the Medical Daily. The buildup causes pressure inside the eye. Its generally linked to 10% of people over 50 years old. Exfoliation glaucoma can lead to everything from vision loss to blindness.

“If the findings are confirmed,” study author Jae Hee Kang, ScD, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston said, according to Yahoo! Health, “those at risk of exfoliation glaucoma—particularly those with a family history, would be recommended to limit their intake of coffee to less than three cups per day.”