Bacon Flavored Coffee Wins Big at Iowa State Fair

I like my coffee in a lot of flavors. Bacon is a flavor I haven’t tried, but it must be pretty tasty because it won $10,000 at the Iowa State Fair!!!

Seattle’s Best Coffee held a recipe contest at the Iowa State Fair. Eileen Gannon, who is a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in Des Moines won it to the tune of $10,000 plus a years supply of coffee! Now that is impressive!

Gannon named it “How to Win a Guy With One Sip”. It has notes of caramelized bacon and pumpkin pie spice. Apparently it won the judge’s hearts, but I bet they took several sips instead of just one, because it sounds tasty tasty tasty!!

“How to win a Guy With One Sip” was judged by judges and also Facebook votes. The Facebook vote was worth 30 percent of the judging, and 70 percent was based on judges’ evaluation of the taste and presentation.

Do not distress, this flavor will be available at participating Seattle’s Best Coffee locations across North America.

Kona is King at Hawaii’s First Cupping Contest

Onouli Farm of Kona won top honors at Hawaii’s first coffee-cupping competition this weekend at the Hawaii Coffee Association’s 14th annual conference at Maui Tropical Plantation.  There were 69 entries who were judged by 3 judges.  The scores were based on wet and dry aromas, acidity, body, balance, sweetness and aftertaste.

In other cupping news, Rusty’s Hawaiian, a coffee company in Kau, earned the top score in a cupping of Bourbon varietal coffees by “Coffee Review: The World’s Leading Coffee Buying Guide.”

Zaget’s #1 pick for Fast Food Coffee

Zaget’s has made its pick as to who is number one when it comes to fast food coffee.  No surprise, Starbucks is the winner, beating McDonalds and their McCafe’s.  As you already know, McDonald’s was hoping for the top spot.  It was not to be.  However, YouGov’s BrandIndex shows that McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts both beat out Starbucks in terms of perceived value.

In response Starbucks is pitching a new campaign to celebrate their ranking.  The ad campaign is straight forward stating simply “Zagat says we’re the country’s No. 1 best coffee. Actually, you said it, but Zagat repeated it (which is nice)”  They are also planning to appear at least once on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Starbucks, which posted its first-ever fiscal loss in August 2008 and has financially struggled since, continued slumping in the second quarter of its fiscal year 2009. The company reported consolidated net revenues of $2.3 billion, a 7.6% decrease from Q2 2008.

Starbucks Sticks v. Nescafe Sticks

Starbucks came out with the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Stick packets and then, as always, some one else comes along to create competition.  Who is that competition?  Nescafe Taster’s Choice, who vow that their instant sticks are more flavorful than Starbucks, but perhaps most importantly in this economy, they claim to be four times cheaper.  You read that right 4 times cheaper that Starbucks Sticks!

The Chicago Tribune found that, on average, one packet of Nescafe costs 19cents per packet as opposed to Starbucks which costs approximately 83 cents per packet.  The price is obviously much better, but what about the taste?  The Tribune also conducted a blind taste test with six testers to find out if the money you are saving is equal to the flavor you may or may not be loosing by getting the cheaper product.

The test included not only the the Colombian of both brands of sticks, but also a brewed Colombian.  No surprise, the brewed coffee won hands down, but that is not what we are concerned with.  Back to the sticks! 

Starbucks Sticks came in a close second followed by Nescafe.  One person thought that Starbucks were too bitter and sharp.  Most tasters described Nescafe as being thin, weak or like cardboard. 

When mixed with cold water for iced coffee, Starbucks dissolved easily.  Nescafe also mixed well, but do to the larger granules required more stirring.  So now its time for you to decide, is the flavor worth the cost???  That is the million dollar question.,0,129961.htmlstory

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