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Coffee Can’t Hurt, Might Help

There is always ongoing research as to how coffee effects the body.  Coffee used to get a bad wrap, but not anymore.   Studies show that it couldprotect against diabetes,  heart disease and stroke, liver cancer, cirrhosis and Parkinson’s disease.   Coffee is also helpful for athletes to help them achieve the optimum in performance. 

 Why did earlier studies not show this?  Perhaps it is because many coffee drinkers also smoke which skewed the previous tests on coffee.  It is important to account for all factors when doing medical research so that you can truly evaluate the specific thing that you are testing, in this case, coffee.

For more information and to read the full story, check out the following link.,0,2647860.column?track=rss

This article was written by Judy Forman.  You can check out her site at

Blog Carnival Plug

We are included in this weeks recipe blog carnival. Stop by and give My Readable Feast a visit. There are some wonderful recipes going on there!

Great How-to post with good tips for submitting to blog carnivals

A great read over at for the beginner to blog carnivals. I pretty much participate in the carnival of the recipes when I can. And I know I was a bit confused at first when I tried submitting. This is a thorough and detailed guide on how to do it. Give it a read.

Carnival of the Recipes (Halloween Edition) is up

The Halloween Edition for Carnival of the Recipes is up and you can view all the wonderful entries by visiting this weeks sponser Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea

Some of the tasty treats include:

Witch’s Weakness submitted by: KeeWee’s Corner

Pumpkin Ginger Scones presented by: firefly

AND! Pumpkin Spice Dessert by : your sponser, Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea

They sound so scrumptious!

Men in Aprons Hosts Carnival of the Recipes #110

This weeks Carnival of the Recipes has been awsomely (is that a word? :D ) hosted by Men in Aprons (click that link!) Be sure to stop by and read about all the yummy offerings for the week. Thank you to Adam for hosting this week.

My recipe that was included this week is my Hazelnut Choco-Expresso Cookies.