Coffee Mug

The Perfect Coffee Mug?

Is it so??? Have scientists created the perfect coffee mug? Logan Maxwell and Dean Verhoeven claim they have.

“Temperfect”, the name Maxwell and Verhoeven have given the mug, keeps coffee the perfect drinking temperature for hours on end, not too hot, not too cold, just right. It is designed to bring beverages that are scalding hot to a drinkable temperature and keep them there for 3 hours.

So, how does Temperfect do its magic? It has two layers, just like regular insulated coffee mugs, however, between the layers lies a solid material, “material x”, (the scientists have not yet disclosed what “material x” actually is to the public yet, but they do tell us that you could eat it if you wanted to and it is non-toxic), that melts at 140 degrees fahrenheit. By absorbing the excess heat the coffee is brought to a drinkable temperature for 3 hours before your beverage starts cooling down.

This mug is still in the prototype phase, but hopefully they will get it up and running and on the shelves soon:)

Coffee Mug Search For You!

I got bored today and ordered a couple of new coffee mugs and thought, hey! Why don’t I compile a list of mugs that I liked and make it easier for you to look for them at the same time.

Holidays are just around the corner and coffee mugs are an awesome gift for hubby, wife, kids (hot chocolate, of course), teachers, relatives, and so on….

I picked a bunch out for you to see and linked you and I am also providing the main link in case you do not see anything I listed that you just love. I got the cat hair mug and the Shakespearean insult mug. But I listed many more than that and there are just oodles of them to be had. Check it out and don’t forget… some take a bit longer to ship so plan ahead. Enjoy!

Another Unique Coffee Mug Frogs

Here is another unique mug. I haven’t done this in a while and you can actually buy this one. I will come back later and add the link. I just don’t have it at the moment. I hope you enjoy it. :D
Unique frog coffee mug

A Coffee Mug Review on: Mug Revolution!

Mug Revolution coffee mug reviewOnce in a while I get the honorable job of reviewing something other than coffee or coffee makers. I do try to stay within the coffee/tea/chocolate related field though. Today I have the pleasure to review a fantastic website called Mug Revolution and handmade mugs.

These mugs are handmade in Bend, Oregon by a fantastic potter by the name of Owen Dearing. He has been hand crafting (wheel-thrown?) these works of beauty since 1990.

Great Tee Shirts from Going Postal T-Shirts

Kenya Coffee Industries Tee Shirt
I got a neat t-shirt to review from

Going Postal T-Shirts
The owner let me pick the tee I wanted and I chose a Kenya Coffee Industries t-shirt. I just love it!

This t-shirt is not too heavy yet not too thin either. (100% pre-shrunk cotton tee shirts) It is soft and doesn’t itch at all. I’ve found that often this is the case with new t-shirts. Since it is pre-shrunk, I suppose that took away any issues I’d have with scratchiness or stiffness.

The company did an awesome job on the decal placement. Smooth and without any wrinkles or bubbles. Just perfect.

The website has very unique t’s and personally, there are many, if not most, that I’ve never seen before. Nothing typical, but fresh and different.

There are your standard size t-shirts (which is what I got) but they also have the women’s fitted t’s plus children and toddler sizes! I think David has all the bases covered here. Nice job.

What a variety he has well. There are cat t’s, coffee t’s (my fave), stamp t’s … these are awesome, butterfly t’s, Christmas t’s…… and on and on… you must take a look for yourself. there are about 59 categories! There really is a lot to see on David’s site.

Interesting: Read about t-shirt history and the fun t-shirt faq’s included. Humorous!

Even though I got my shirt gratis, which would make the good service even more evident, shipping was VERY quick and communication is spot on and most friendly. I am impressed with the effort taken to get the tee I wanted and as quick as it arrived.

Go by and visit Going Postal T-Shirts. Explore and take your time looking around. I’m sure you will find something that you’ll just have to have.

Note: photo with t-shirt was taken with my son wearing it. I cut his head off simply because he said, Mom! don’t put my head in!…. he was having a very bad hair day plus I woke him up to take the photo. Poor little guy. ;)

Coffee Mug Gallery Added

I’ve added a gallery. You can join it and upload photos of your own art/mug shots/ or anything else to do with coffee. It’s not much yet but you can make it better!

Coffee Mug Gallery

Site Allowing Reader Participation

I found a coffee related blog today that is allowing it’s readers to send a photo of their favorite coffee cup/mug to be displayed on the blog. Pretty nifty idea. I should have thought of that seeing how I’ve been including my mugs and cups on here for some time now. If you want to check the blog out, I’ll drop the link down below this post.

Grill Boy dot net’s Coffee Cup Project

70′s Fun Mug

Here is a photo of my most recent mug addition. I thought it was a fun one to have. Reminds me of old times back when I was a teen. Hmmm…. that sure has been a loooooong time ago. lol

That’s “Coffee Cat” not Copy Cat

Here is one of my child cats with a coffee mug. No, he doesn’t drink coffee but he does enjoy milk from a mug on occasion. ;) He’s a character, that for sure.

Mr Orange Peel the Cat on Coffee Cat

One day he was laying by a milk mug and had his paw through the handle. It was cute and I wish I’d had the camera that day. Alas, I missed that shot.

Weekly Mug May 29th

Here is this weeks mug. I know, I know….. looks like a first grader painted it. Oh well. I like it. It’s easy to hold and the heavy stoneware keeps it hot a bit longer. Hope you enjoy it.

Weekly Mug stoneware mug coffee mug

Weekly Mug Week 4

Here is week fours mug. I’m late getting it up. Sorry about that (like you care). it’s one that I use for coffee and hot tea. I just love it. It’s slender and easy to pick up and hold. It’s collectors cup and the art if by Thomas Kinkade. I linked to his website there. No affiliation.

Thomas Kinkade Coffee Cup Art

Yes, those are my cards in the back ground. I’m a 47 year old collector of anything Yu-gi-oh. I just can’t help it. I think they should make a Yu-gi-oh movie using real people. Wouldn’t that be neat? ;) I have something over 1200 cards. Some good one’s too!