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Kopi Luwak Coffee Can Now Be Authenticated!

Kopi Luwak is the worlds most expensive coffee, averaging at about $200 per pound. Why you might ask? Because civets, cat like creatures, eats coffee berries and poop them out. The freshly expelled beans from the center of the berry are then collected and become the famous Kopi Luwak coffee bean.

Because of its high price tag, there are bound to be imitators. How is one to prove or disprove that their coffee was previously digested by a civet? We now have the answer to that question! Imposters beware!!!

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry’s summer issue explores the unique fingerprint that civets leave on coffee beans. Researchers at Osaka University in Japan analyzed 21 different types of coffee beans and found distinct fingerprints of citric and malic acid on Kopi Luwak beans that distinguished them from other beans. They were even able to tell if a roast had been mixed with 50% Kopi Luwak.

7-Eleven’s new $1 Iced Coffee Wednesdays

7-Eleven’s new $1 Iced Coffee Wednesdays.

From now until September 3, 2013  7-Eleven is doing a $1 iced coffee every Wednesday. With three premium flavors – Hazelnut, Mocha, and French vanilla.


·         Hazelnut: For a rich, nutty taste try this superior smooth blend.

·         Mocha: If chocolate is what you desire, indulge in this perfect combination of creamy and cool.

·         French Vanilla: This silky, sweet flavor adds a crisp and simple option to the iced coffee menu.


Kopi Luwat Makers Accused of Animal Abuse

Kopi Luwat, which sells for approximately $230 per pound, is known as the worlds most expensive coffee. It is made from the droppings of a Asian palm civet, a cat like creature which eats coffee berries, digests the fruit, and passes the bean after digestion. Workers collect the digested beans which are then made into the famous brew, Kopi Luwat.

Animal rights organizations have accused the makers of Kopi Luwat, which is produced mostly in Indionesia, of animal abuse. They claim the civets are confined to small cages and fed a diet exclusively of coffee berries.

Reporters from the Guardian, a newspaper, released their findings after visiting a cafe in Sumatra and finding the animals confined to the cages. The paper says that animal rights groups believe that there may be tens of thousands of civets living in this type of environment and that it is a moral and ethical issue.

“The conditions are awful, much like battery chickens,” Chris Shepherd, deputy regional director of the conservation group Traffic South-East Asia, told the Guardian. “The civets are taken from the wild and have to endure horrific conditions. They fight to stay together but they are separated and have to bear a very poor diet in very small cages.”

Hurricane Sandy Hammers Cuban Coffee Crops

Hurricane Sandy is hitting hard causing horrible, devastating damage here in the United States. Its hitting other countries as well. Cuba has been devastated as well. Their coffee crops have more or less been destroyed.

Between 20 to 30 percent of the Cuban coffee crop ended up on the ground by the time Sandy was finished with it. Many plantation processors were damaged by falling trees in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, where most, 92 percent, of Cuban coffee is grown. In the Guantanamo province, the country’s second producer after Santiago de Cuba, “lost 174,475 cans of beans” and “47 processing centers were damaged”.

Although harvest season is from September to January, the peak harvest occurs in October and November.

100% Compostable Coffee Pack Released

Coffee is getting greener all the time. Pistol and Burns, a Canadian coffee roaster, has launched a fully compostable coffee package for its fair trade, organic Farmer’s First brand. The compostable packaging is paper bag laminated to transparent NatureFlex™ film from Innovia Films.

“Our enviro–friendly coffee bag can be organically recycled (composted), which means it breaks down in a home compost bin.” said Roy Hardy, the President of Pistol and Burns.

“We recommended NatureFlex to Pistol & Burnes for several reasons. First and foremost, the film performs well technically, having high barrier properties and good seal integrity that enhance shelf life, keeping oxygen out and aroma in—very important for packaging coffee. Secondly, NatureFlex is perfectly aligned with the ethos of their Fair Trade, organic Farmer First brand.” says Bill Reilly, technical manager of Genpak, the company which developed the NatureFlex technology.

Brazil Nursing Student Kills Patient By Injecting Her With Coffee

Studies have shown that coffee is good for the heart, but not when directly injected into it!!

Rejane Telles, a Brazilian nursing student, has found herself on the receiving end of an involuntary manslaughter charge after injecting coffee and milk into the IV line of an 80 year old woman. It went straight to her heart and killed her. The student had only three days of job experience when the incident occurred.

Telles denies any intent to kill the patient stating that there were 2 lines, one for feedings and one for the blood drip and she simply chose the wrong line. “They were next to each other, anyone can get confused. I injected the coffee and I put it in the wrong place,”

If this wasn’t sad enough, the ladies daughter was there when it happened and she watched her mother die. “I saw my mother was agitated. She opened her mouth, and this youngster put coffee with milk into (her) veins,” the daughter said.

Three other persons are also facing charges due to the death.

CancerCare and Caribou Coffee Team Up Through Amy’s Blend To Provide Support for Those Affected by Breast Cancer

Caribou Coffee and CancerCare have come together to support those whose lives have been affected by Breast Cancer. Caribou Coffee will be debuting Amy’s Blend, an annual tradition, on National Coffee Day (September 29th) and then fully lunching its annual debut in October. This blend has been part of the brand for 17 years. It is roasted in honor of Caribou’s original Roastmaster, Amy Erickson, who sadly lost her battle to breast cancer in 1995.

For this year’s Amy’s Blend launch, CancerCare, a national nonprofit organization committed to providing free support services for anyone affected by cancer diagnosis, has partnered with Caribou Coffee to support breast cancer sufferers, survivors and family who are heartbroken, but hopeful in finding a cure for this horrible disease.

“Giving back to the community is at the core of our company, and we were moved by CancerCare’s approach to providing support services, including financial assistance, on a very local and individual level,” said Mike Tattersfield, president and CEO of Caribou Coffee. “We are very excited to work with an organization that will help those impacted by breast cancer in Caribou’s communities to provide support for co-payments, home care, transportation to and from treatment, and other miscellaneous costs and needs, all while paying tribute to our dear friend, Amy Erickson.”

Caribou Coffee will begin offering Amy’s Blend on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012, National Coffee Day, and will sell the Amy’s Blend Collection, which includes coffee, tea and merchandise, through Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012. You will be able to purchase them both in store and online. In addition to honoring Amy through this collection, Caribou has a Facebook page honoring Amy and providing information to CancerCare resources. They encourage everyone to “like” the page on September 29th, National Coffee Day. Why “like” it on that specific day? For every new “Like” on Caribou’s Facebook page on September 29th, the company will donate an additional $1 to CancerCare.

“Caribou Coffee’s generous commitment will help support CancerCare’s free nationwide services for people affected by breast cancer, which include counseling, support groups, education, and financial assistance,” said Helen H. Miller, LCSW, the CEO of CancerCare. “The partnership between Caribou and CancerCare is a natural fit, as both organizations care passionately about what they deliver.”

This is a blend and cause we can all get behind. May you rest in peace Amy.

Here are some sites you might want to visit:

For full terms and conditions of the Amy’s Blend donations to CancerCare, please visit:

National Coffee Day Deals!

Its almost here, National Coffee Day 2012!! National Coffee Day will be on Saturday, September 29. Many companies are offering deals and freebies on that day, some are even honoring National Coffee Day a little earlier!! Yea!!!

Caribou Coffee is debuting Amy’s Blend coffee in their stores nation wide on National Coffee Day by offering a free small cup of Amy’s Blend to customers. They will be selling larger sizes at a discounted price if a small doesn’t tickle your fancy. You will pay .50 cents for a medium and $1 for a large cup. They will be officially releasing Amy’s Blend sometime in October.

McDonalds and Einstein Bros. Bagels are is not satisfied with giving coffee just one day so they are having a National Coffee Week!

At McDonalds you can get a free small coffee everyday starting on September 23rd on the East Coast. If you don’t live on the east coast, you should still check your local McDonanlds because word has it that some franchise owners who are not on the east coast are opting in on the celebration and offering freebies too, some throughout the week and some just on National Coffee Day.

Einstein Bros. Bagels are celebrating coffee all week long with discounted coffee drinks. They are offering 50% off specialty coffee drinks of the day throughout the week. Each day brings a new discounted drink. Hold on, they are not done! On National Coffee Day, pumpkin-flavored lattes will be the drink and its buy one get on free! There are 2 things I love in life, a true BOGO (buy one get one free) sale and anything pumpkin in the fall. I’m a happy camper!

Tim Hortons has a BOGO coffee deal too. “Like” Tim Hortons on Facebook and you’ll be able to print out a coupon to get a free cup of coffee when you buy a cup on National Coffee Day.

7-Eleven is creating their own brand of fun by designating the day before National Coffee Day, Friday, September 28th, as CofFREE Day. On CofFree day participating stores will give you a free large cup of hot coffee, tea, latte or cappuccino between 6am and 10am while supplies last!

Krispy Kreme is giving away free 12 oz cups of coffee on National Coffee Day and you will also get a chance to enter to win a free coffee for a year!

Kangaroo Express, a convenience store chain located in 13 Southern states, will be selling its Bean Street brand of coffee for a penny on National Coffee Day.

If I find more deals I’ll let you know. In the meantime, if you know of one I haven’t mentioned, please let me know in the comments!

Starbuck’s Diet Works For Virginia Woman

For the last two years Christine Hall, a 66 year old law librarian from Virginia, has dropped 76 pounds by eating most of her meals at Starbucks.

Hall decided to drop the weight after she was turned down to donate a kidney because of her size At 200 pounds and five foot, four inches tall, the surgeons considered the donation procedure to be too much of a risk to take. f she was serious about donating a kidney, she had to get serious about loosing the weight.

Using Starbucks calorie posts she restricted her diet to as little as 876 calories per day. Since loosing the weight she has been allowed by doctors to participate in a 32-person altruistic kidney swap. She currently weighs 114 pounds.

Of course, we must question whether or not this diet meets the ideal food requirements needed by a person each day. Loosing weight should always be done while not sacrificing nutritional value.

Coffee May Protect People From Bowel and RectalCancer

Researchers at the US National Cancer Research Institute in Rockville, Maryland conducted a study on 490,000 people which concluded that drinking four or more cups of coffee a day may cut the chances of developing bowel cancer by 15%.

The study monitored the group over a span of 10 years. They began in the mid 1990′s by questioning the group about their exercise and dietary habits. For the group that reported drinking four or more cups of coffee each day, the risk of being diagnosed with bowel or rectal cancer over the decade was 15 percent lower than non-drinkers of coffee.

The research was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Starbucks Making Laundry Detergent From Coffee Grinds and Muffins

Starbucks is getting greener all the time. They are flirting with a new recycling process that will turn coffee grinds and muffins into laundry detergent and bio plastics.

This mission is being lead by scientists at the City University of Hong Kong and is being tested at a new food ‘biorefinery,’ that diverts food waste and transforms it into viable, usable products.

The biorefinery process involves combining the baked goods with a mixture of fungi that help break down the carbohydrates into simple sugars. Its fermented in a vat where bacteria turns the sugars into succinic acid which is a material used to produce everything from laundry detergent, plastic, to medicine. The baked goods can be used to create livestock feed.

The Starbucks in Hong Kong itself currently produces around 5000 tons of coffee and pastry waste each year, which currently ends up in either incinerated, composted or disposed of in landfills.