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Coffee Can’t Hurt, Might Help

There is always ongoing research as to how coffee effects the body.  Coffee used to get a bad wrap, but not anymore.   Studies show that it couldprotect against diabetes,  heart disease and stroke, liver cancer, cirrhosis and Parkinson’s disease.   Coffee is also helpful for athletes to help them achieve the optimum in performance. 

 Why did earlier studies not show this?  Perhaps it is because many coffee drinkers also smoke which skewed the previous tests on coffee.  It is important to account for all factors when doing medical research so that you can truly evaluate the specific thing that you are testing, in this case, coffee.

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This article was written by Judy Forman.  You can check out her site at www.myhealthsense.com

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Starbucks Greedy? No Compassion for Ethiopian Coffee Workers

Ethiopia, where coffee was first born is wanting a fair profit share for it’s produce. By trademarking most of their famous coffee, they will in fact share a greater dollar amount for it’s crop and need I say, the hard work it takes to produce this wonderful coffee that we all enjoy.

Starbucks is opposing this plan by Ethiopia to trademark their coffee saying that this will cut into their profits. Are you serious? Just how much would this take off from their 2005 profit of $494.5 million on $6.37 billion in sales?

Did you know that Starbucks in south London gets £1.35 for an espresso shot? Well, the cost for that one shot is about double what an Ethiopian coffee worker makes for an entire day! An espresso shot where I’m from is approx. $1.50

Please visit the resource for this and finish reading the article at The Independent