Enviga :: A product of Coca~Cola and Nestle

Coca~Cola has launched a joint venture with Nestle by creating a ‘green-tea’ infused soda designed to speed up your metabolism and suggest the benefit of weight-loss. The main ingredients of Enviga are green-tea and caffeine. By speeding up the metabolism, you naturally burn calories. I doubt it will be any significant loss but any boost in metabolism can result in certain weight-loss.

Nestle applied for an Enviga trademark in January. The trademark covers “nutritional and dietary supplements,” “energizing and energetic drinks,” “green tea” and “isotonic beverages.”

Coca-cola Nestle Enviga Enviga is a “caffeinated” “soda” and will target active-lifestyle consumers with it’s claim to burn calories. Of course, with the added benefit of having certain antioxidants through “green-tea” content.

I have not had the opportunity to sample the product, but I do have a friend who works for Coca~Cola in Atlanta, Georgia and he has. He reaction, an honest one, was reserved. He admits that the beverage is tasty but does have a “powerade” impression on the palette.

He’s only sampled the “berry” flavored version but mentioned that it was refreshing and did seem to give him a slight feeling of being “wide awake”. Naturally, he has not been drinking over a period of time in order to benefit from any claimed calorie burn. There should be three flavors. Berry, Green Tea, and to the best of my knowledge, Peach.

The diet drink uses thermogenesis to burn 50 to 100 calories just by drinking a 12 oz. serving. Suggested use is 3 servings a day. I’ve got to say that I highly doubt I would or even could drink 3 of these a day. Are there many of you that could? Die hards, I’m sure, would try if they really felt it were helping burn fat. Nothing works without exercise though. We all know that.

Does “Enviga” have promise? Who knows. Only time will tell and only those who are willing to drink it as suggested, will honestly be able to confess the products worth.