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Starbucks Overcharges Over One Million Customers

Starbucks had a little bit of trouble over Memorial Day weekend.  Over one million customers were overcharged for their coffee drinks on Friday, May 22nd and Saturday, May 23rd..  How much?  They were charged twice for each purchase.  The charges were accidental and due to a computer banking glitch.  Starbucks is working diligently to correct the problem and reimburse the customers who were overcharged on their debit and credit cards.  May customers do not know that they have been overcharged because the overcharged amount did not appear on the Starbucks receipt.  It does however show up on the customers credit card statements.

Zaget’s #1 pick for Fast Food Coffee

Zaget’s has made its pick as to who is number one when it comes to fast food coffee.  No surprise, Starbucks is the winner, beating McDonalds and their McCafe’s.  As you already know, McDonald’s was hoping for the top spot.  It was not to be.  However, YouGov’s BrandIndex shows that McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts both beat out Starbucks in terms of perceived value.

In response Starbucks is pitching a new campaign to celebrate their ranking.  The ad campaign is straight forward stating simply “Zagat says we’re the country’s No. 1 best coffee. Actually, you said it, but Zagat repeated it (which is nice)”  They are also planning to appear at least once on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Starbucks, which posted its first-ever fiscal loss in August 2008 and has financially struggled since, continued slumping in the second quarter of its fiscal year 2009. The company reported consolidated net revenues of $2.3 billion, a 7.6% decrease from Q2 2008.

Coffee Investor’s Dream in a Tough Economy

Fortune Magazine has reported that Green Mountain Coffee Roaster’s stock is holding strong despite a tough economy. Their stock has gained 120% this year after holdiay sales of its Keurig single cup coffee brewers.
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Topless Coffee Shop Burns to the Ground

Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, Maine. burned to the ground on Wednesday morning shortly after midnight. A state fire inspection said that it was arson. The building was a complete loss.

Donald Crabtree, the shop’s owner, says that he intends to rebuild. His home was attached to the Grand View Coffee Shop. He and his family have been forced into a hotel due to the fire. Mr. Crabtree’s two 4 month old grandchildren were among those in the attached residence at the time the fire was set.

Mr. Crabtree had no insurance on the property, but said that he would reopen temporarily on the lot in a trailer if necessary.


Will Your Teen Learn Your Addiction From Watching YOU?????

I found this video and thought it was hilarious. It deals with the addiction to coffee that we all have in only a way that “Scrubs” can do it. Make sure you watch the whole thing. The last part is the best. I hope this little laugh brightens up your Monday morning. Enjoy!

Coffee Crawl Seattle Style

Its no surprise that Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop at Pike Market Place is the embarkation point for the Seattle Coffee Crawl.  You will have plenty of energy (caffeine) to get your through the 1.6 mile coffee tour through downtown where you will lean about Seattle’s culture and history, which, of course, is rich in coffee!  Its like a cupping on the go.  You get to sample coffee from downtown coffee shops.  Tours are held daily at 10am and last approximately 2 hours.  The cost is $20 per person.

Check out www.SeattleByFoot.comto find out more. You can also read another article aobut the Coffee Crawl at http://www.thefalcononline.com/article.php?id=5579

Drinking Coffee in Space

Astronauts cannot go without their cup of Joe.

Caffeine Free Coffee Plant

Would you like decaf?  How about an uncaffinated coffee plant?  A new caffeine free coffee plant from Camaroon, has been named one of 10 top new species for 2008. 

To read more about the top new species please visit the link below.


Coffee May Prevent Skin Cancer?

We all know about the benefits of coffee.  Perhaps the best known one is to keep up awake.  Recently studies have shown coffees effect on internal organs, even helping to prevent certain kinds of cancers.  Skin caner is now being added to the list of ailments that a cup a day might prevent or, in the unfortunate case that you do have it, help to fight the disease.

Coffee may be helpful as a drink or a rub in an effort to help protect you against skin caner according to a report made by WBAL-TV.

To read the article, check out


Over Caffeinated Ferret

over caffeinated ferret Hampshire Pig OMG! Lookit! It’s an over-caffeinated ferret. :D You think? You have to click on the “read more” link to see the image. It’s this darn excerpt thing. I’m thinking of doing a semi-daily over-caffeinated image. Like the idea? If you like it, subscribe to my rss or coffee in your email thingie and I’ll get it going. If you don’t like it, subscribe anyway and I’ll still send them.