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Caffeine Free Coffee Plant

Would you like decaf?  How about an uncaffinated coffee plant?  A new caffeine free coffee plant from Camaroon, has been named one of 10 top new species for 2008. 

To read more about the top new species please visit the link below.

More Good Reasons To Drink Coffee

I found even more Reasons to Drink Coffee! I thought I’d add them for you. See documentation at the end of entry.

1.Coffee is high in polyphenols — plant chemicals that are known to reduce inflammation. Polyphenols also have other positive effects on the heart, blood vessels and blood sugar
2.They help to relax blood vessels, which can also lower blood pressure. Can you freaking imagine? I would think it makes it go up. Oh wait! Here it is: Excessive caffeine may increase blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia. I knew that.
.They act as antioxidants and may help to reduce blockages in the arteries. I knew that and I hope that my arteries are clean as a whistle.
4. Thinning the blood by reducing platelet stickiness.
5.Unfiltered coffee can increase your blood cholesterol levels, so use a filter when you brew.
6. Reduces the risk of gallstones

Some Risks that should be duly noted:

1. More than 200 milligrams of caffeine per day can increase the risk of miscarriage.
2. Caffeine increases the loss of calcium in the urine. Keep your intake under 300mil a day or take a good calcium supplement to counteract that caffeine effect.
3. Excessive caffeine may increase blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia

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Top 10 Things Coffee Is Better Than

coffee cup imageI love when coffee is better than… better than whatever. It is pretty much better than anything, isn’t it? Well, if you love coffee it IS better than….

Here is my Top 10 list of things I think coffee is better than. Got one? Leave it in the message area and I’ll include it in the next coffee is better than entry. :D Remember now… it is my personal list. You must post your own if you have the time. Be original!

1. (not meaning #1 but #10 just in the #1 position, you know? #10 is actually #1 :D counting up is counting down )
Coffee is better than having your toe under a rocking chair when Aunt (350 lb.) Irene is sitting in it.
Coffee is better than cheap whiskey and some good whiskey.
Coffee is better than most people. Really! Better than my neighbor down the road.
Coffee is better than bedtime.
Coffee is better than nodoze. Plus, you can chew it up without additional water.
Coffee is better than most men. It doesn’t complain when I stay up and it goes to bed. :/ It doesn’t tell me to turn off the computer. It doesn’t make me throw up. It doesn’t mind if I leave the coffee pot on too long. And it doesn’t wear stripes.
Coffee is better than doughnuts but doesn’t mind hanging out with them from time to time.
Coffee is better than tea
Coffee is better than bras. Big cup, small cup, different sized cups, it doesn’t care!
10. (#10 being my #1 of course)
Coffee is better than hubby. It can be hot when it’s cold, cold when it’s hot, and everywhere in between. :D

Got one? Please DO post it. Have a good evening friends. Have a cup and think about…. well, anyone but Howard Dean.

Top 10 Highest Priced Coffees In The World $$

Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees In The World

According to Forbes and the article is somewhat old but not so much that anything has changed, these are the most expensive coffees in the world. I did some needed research and find it to be true although I swear Kopi Luwak was more expensive than $160 a pound. Oh well, there just aren’t that many people willing to give a price like that for poop coffee, now is there. Enjoy the list. Oh yeah! And read my Kopi review I wrote some time back if you have a mind to find out where it comes from: Kopi Luwak Review

Coffee: Kopi Luwak
Grown in: Indonesia
Yup.. I have tried it since I first reviewed it and well…. it is different, but I would not call it good or worth the price. Sorry about that.
Cost: $160 per pound

Coffee: Hacienda La Esmeralda
Grown in: Boquete, Panama
Hard to come by. I have not tried it.
Cost: $104 per pound

Coffee: Island of St. Helena Coffee Company
Grown in: St. Helena
A new one on me. No idea. Anyone?
Cost: $79 per pound

Coffee: El Injerto
Grown in: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Still waiting to try.
Cost: $25 per pound green at auction
Expected to retail for more than $50 per pound

Coffee: Fazenda Santa Ines
Grown in: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Have not tried yet.
Cost: $50 per pound green at auction

Coffee: Blue Mountain
Grown in: Wallenford Estate, Jamaica
Oh Lord… what a nice bean. Mellow yet bold enough to get your attention. Smooth and addictive.
Cost: $49 per pound

Coffee: Los Planes
Grown in: Citala, El Salvador
Not had the pleasure of trying this one yet.
Cost: $30 per 12 ounces ($40 per pound)

Coffee: Kona
Grown in: Hawaii
One of my favorites. Not fond of a lighter roast but this one is usually the best.
Cost: $30 per 14 ounces (about $34 per pound)

Coffee: Yauco Selecto AA
Grown in: Puerto Rico
Inconsistent but still a good cup if made right.
Cost: $22 per pound

Coffee: Fazenda Sao Benedito
Grown in: Minas Gerias, Brazil
A local coffee shop had a bit of this a couple months back.. maybe it was several months. Time flies. Rich and rewarding. A bit nutty and smoky and a somewhat lingering aftertaste. a good cup.
Cost: $21 per pound