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AreoShot Coffee Inhalers

AreoShot, a new coffee inhaler, is now on the market in New York and Massachussets.  Its also available in France and online.

The inhaler comes in a cannister about the size of a lipstick tube.  It contains 100 mg of caffeine powder and costs $2.99.  The airborne energy particles coat the inside of your mouth and back of the throat, then are swallowed, Massachusetts General Hospital reports. The particles dissolve quickly and are reportedly too large to reach the lungs.

It was created by David Edwards who is a biomedical engineering professor.  Mr. Edwards claims the product is safe, but US Senator Charles Schumer of New York is calling for a FDA review of the now-unregulated energy product. Edwards, however, dismisses fears that inhaling caffeine might be harmful as “a bit of hysteria” and “the knee-jerk reaction” to anything new, according to USA Today.

Critics fear that it will be used as a drug by partiers.  “You want those 10 cups of coffee, it will probably take you a couple hours to get through all that coffee with all that volume that you are drinking,” Lisa Ganijhu, MD, an internist at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, told ABC News. “With these inhaled caffeine canisters you can get that in 10 of those little canisters — so you just puff away and you could be getting all of that within the hour.”

The packaging warns people not to consume more than three AreoShots a day, well within the safe range for caffeine consumption. According to Massachusetts General Hospital, you’d have to consume about 80 inhalers (8,000 mg. of caffeine) to risk death by caffeine, since such a massive amount could cause a dangerous heartbeat abnormality called ventricular fibrillation.  Three cups of coffee or three AeroShots deliver about 300 mg. of caffeine, considered a moderate, safe intake. Amounts above 750 to 1,000 mg. a day can be risky, due to the potential for “caffeine intoxication,” marked by such symptoms as anxiety, facial flushing, rapid or irregular heartbeat, impaired judgment, GI upset and insomnia.

Caffeine Brownies

Pharmaceutical grade caffeine will soon be hitting the brownies in Ames, Iowa.  A Smack In The Face, the nations first caffiene  bakery, has been opened by Allison Nelson.  Into each brownie she pours love along with 200 milligrams of pharmaceutical grade caffeine.  Now how is that or a naughty start to your morning?

“It’s exactly what grandma used to bake – no high-fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated soybean oil,” Nelson told The Des Moines Register. “We’re not wrapping up caffeine in a health bar here. We’re wrapping it up in a home-baked treat. Isn’t it about time you have caffeine and it tastes good?”

The brownies will be sold to local convenience stores, with a hope of moving on to chain stores.

Coffee Increases Productivity and Safety at Work

Workers who are subject to “shift work” suffer from increased tiredness due to the interruption in their biological clock.  This disruption can lead to more accidents and less productivity at work. 

Researchers looked at workers who drank caffeine, whether in coffee or energy drinks and compared those results to workers who took naps and placebos.  The results: work-related tests showed those on the caffeine suffered significantly less mistakes and had better memory, attention, perception and reasoning. 

 ”It seems reasonable to assume that reduced errors are associated with fewer injuries, although we cannot quantify such a reduction.” says lead researcher Katharine Ker of the London School of Tropical Medicine.

Dave Grohl Hospitalized Due to Coffee

milk and bookies 280210David Grohl, frontman for Foo Fighters, has confirmed that he has, in fact, been hospitalized over coffee.  His confession comes after a spoof video making fun of his coffee addiction was aired.  He admitted that it was based on his own actual coffee emergency.

Grohl was hospitalized after an intense work schedule took a toll on his health and he began experiencing chest pains.

The film showed the rocker in a studio with Them Crooked Vultures bandmates and depicted Grohl’s love of coffee.  It ended with the tag line “rushed to doctor due to the onset of unwanted physical effects caused by too much caffeine.  For reals.  He was kind of a mess.”

Grohl told Britain’s Absolute Radio “That was a year ago, the ‘Fresh Pots” video.  We were in the studio making a record and I was drinking a lot of coffee.  At one point I was doing Vultures stuff at night, Foo Fighters stuff during the day and I had a newborn at home and I was sleeping maybe two or three hours a night on an air mattress in a guess bedroom.  And yea, I had too much coffee and I started having chest pains, so I went to the hospital and they told me to stop drinking so much coffee.”

WooHoo!!! Coffee Break!!!

We all do it.  We all look forward to it.  We premeditate it and we love it!  Its our coffee break! So, this begs the question of “when is the perfect time for this daily ritual.  Yes, there has been a study and coffeesage.com has the answer!

Professor Charles Spence of the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University conducted a research study which concluded that 11am is indeed the best time for a coffee break!  The study also concluded that lights, music, aroma and good company will give you a boost as well!

The witty professor even  has a coffee formula for the perfect coffee which was published in the “Challenging Tastes” report.  Are you ready for it?

M = 0.5 x F + (0.5 x E + 0.3 x P + 0.15 x C + 0.05 x T.

You combine great flavour (F) with the perfect environment (E), the container it comes in (P), who you drink coffee with (C) and the time of day you enjoy your coffee break (T) to create the most enjoyable coffee moment (M).


Take Heart in Coffee

The results of a study on coffee’s effect on cardiovascular disease will be presented by the American Heart Association at their 50th Annual Conference.  The new study found that drinking coffee can regulate heart rhythm problems, reducing the number of hospitalizations related to this condition.

”People who reported four or more cups a day had almost an 18% reduction in the risk of being hospitalized for rhythm disturbances,” says Arthur Klatsky, a senior cardiology consultant at Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California.  Experts add that coffee drinkers should consider having a good diet and exercise routine for maximum results. 

In the past  it was believed that drinking coffee caused disturbances in heart rhythms although some experts still believe that regular coffee drinkers are at a higher risk for heart attacks. Dr. Klatsky believes that at this point, heart rhythm problems should not be associated with coffee consumption.

Researchers: Coffee Lowers Risk of Stroke

We have all heard that coffee might help prevent strokes.  Well, now there is research to back it up.  This news comes from a study that was presented by researchers from Great Britain at the International Stroke Conference in San Antonio Texas.

Researchers out of Great Britain tracked 2,300 people for 11 years to study whether or not coffee had an effect at lowering the odds of having a stroke.  What they found was that, indeed, coffee might be just what the doctor ordered.

The British researchers studied a group using caffinated and decaffinated coffee.  They found that those who drank coffee were 27 percent less likely to experience a stroke than those who did not.  The benefits were just as good for decaf coffee drinkers, ruling out caffiene as the cure-all in coffee.  Researchers suspect antioxidants in coffee lowers inflammation in blood vessels, but more study is needed.

Coffee and Alcohol: A Sobering Study?

A new study published in Behavioral Neuroscience by Temple University suggests that the caffeine in coffee does not sober you up when you are intoxicated.  However, it will make you think that it has achieved a sobering affect.  

The Temple University study was conducted on mice using a maze with negative stimuli such as bright lights and loud sounds.  Those given only alcohol seemed to be more laid back, but failed miserably at completing the maze.  The mice given only caffeine tended to preform better on the maze, but were found to be more uptight.  The mice given an cocktail of alcohol and caffiene amounting to the human equivalent of 8 cups of coffee were both relaxed and alert, but also incompetent when it came to avoiding the negative stimuli of the test.

“The myth about coffee’s sobering powers is particularly important to debunk because the co-use of caffeine and alcohol could actually lead to poor decisions with disastrous outcomes,” says Thomas Gould, who conducted the research.  He further went on to state that those who consume both “may feel awake and competent enough to handle potentially harmful situations, such as driving while intoxicated or placing themselves in dangerous social situations.”

Coffee Cures Cellulite

Women have fought to get rid of cellulite for years.  Now it seems that there is a way to rid yourself of the unsightly stuff.  Coffee!!!.  That’s right, plain, caffeinated coffee.

Putting coffee on your skin seems to reduce cellulite, or at the very least, the appearance of it.  Cosmetic companies have caught on to this and are now using coffee and/or caffiene in some of their anti-cellulite creams.  Look for it on the label.  Of course, you can also use coffee grounds to get the same effect, but it is much more messy than the creams, which can be expensive. 

If you choose to use coffee grounds, its important to do so at least 3 times a week to acheive and maintain the desired results.  To do the treatment with coffee grounds, apply warm coffee grounds all over your body and massage it in. Then you wrap yourself in plastic wrap for twenty minutes. 

So how does this work? 

The caffeine in coffee is the secret.  Caffeine helps widen the blood vessel of the body and stimulates the fat cells, breaking them down. Warning though, if you drink huge amounts of coffee daily, your cellulite could look worse. It seems that caffeine when ingested promotes more cellulite formation.  Topical application of caffeine does not have this effect.

The rule of thumb when it comes to cellulite?  Slather the coffee on and keep it comming for cellulite free thighs.