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Starbucks Introduces $1 Reusable Cups

As of today (January 3rd) Starbucks is going to start offering reusable cups in their cafe’s for $1. They will look like the paper cups that Starbucks now uses and you will still get the 10 cent discount on your refills. To insure that your cup is sanitary, it will be disinfected before each refill with boiling hot water.

7/11 Has “Coffee Cup” Poll to Predict Presidential Election Outcome

Polls are definitely part of the election season and 7/11 has decided to jump on the bandwagon and do their own poll with coffee cups.

Every four years 7/11 changes their coffee cups to blue and red. If you choose a red cup you cast your vote for Romney and if you choose a blue cup you cast your vote for Obama. 7/11 says that the number of cups sold in each color in 2000, 2004 and 2008 accurately predicted the outcome of the presidential election.

Currently Obama is in the lead with 59% of the cups of coffee sold being in blue cups. Red cups sold have put Romney following at 41%.

15 states are not participating in the “cup poll”. Those states did not participate in the 3 earlier polls either.

For election results you can check out the results at this link: http://www.7-eleven.com/7-Election/NationalResults.aspx

Coffee Cups and Thermoses Have Been Added to Terror Weapons List

If you are carrying a thermos or coffee cup in the airport you can expect to be looked at a little more closely than those who don’t because such items could be used to conceal explosive materials, according to an official advisory

Passengers travelling with insulated beverage containers can expect to see additional screening of these items using procedures currently in place, including X-ray screening, physical inspection and the use of explosives trace detection technology,” states an advisory issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Its best to leave a little extra time when you are traveling, especially during the holiday season, due to increased security measures.

Coffee Prices Soar!

Coffee prices have risen about 43% in the last three months.  This is a 13 year high for the delectable bean. 

Coffee for December delivery settled up 2.25 cents at $1.9455 a pound Wednesday after hitting $1.9865 per pound earlier in the day. Trading volume was light, which can exaggerate price movements, according to the Associated Press.

Many people are finding a retail price increase due to the soaring prices of coffee.  Some of the brands that have reflected the increase in their retail pricing are owned by the JM Smucker Company including Millstone, Foldgers, Foldgers Gourmet Selections and Dunkin’ Donuts.  K-Cup Portion Packs, sold by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters for the Keurig Single-Cup brewing system, are set to rise in price by 10% to 15% next month.

Deb Trevino, spokesperson for Starbucks, insists that their prices will not be affected by the rising price of coffee.  The company intends to absorb the extra cost, instead of passing it on to the consumer. 

This week’s rally appears to be largely due to speculative trading because fears have eased about weather and supply issues, said Spencer Patton, founder and chief investment officer for hedge fund Steel Vine Investments LLC.

New Yorkers Crazy for POO

Kopi Luwak, also known as cat poo coffee, is taking New York by storm!  It is made from the fecal droppings of a cat like creature, the civet.  New Yorkers are shelling out $30 a cup for this unusual treat, according to the NY Daily News. 

The civet, which is from Indonesia, creates a brew that is very “earthy” in flavor.  Kopi Luwak was featured in the movie “The Bucket List”, being the only coffee that Jack Nicholson’s character would drink.  The character is later horrified to learn exactly where is liquid delight origionated.

Miley Cyrus Grabs a Cup of Joe

Miley Grabs A Cup of Joe

Miley Grabs A Cup of Joe

Everyone loves coffee.  Its our “go juice”.  Celebrities are no different.  They use it to get through their busy schedules just like everyone else. 

Miley Cyrus was spotted in Tolucka Lake,Cali getting a cup of steaming hot coffee from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Monday afternoon. 

Cyrus recently released a new song, “Can’t Be Tamed”.

Spiro Sells $13 Cup of Coffee

In these economic times its hard to believe that people would pay $13 or a cup of coffee.  Well, believe it.  Spiro, a coffee shop in Baltimore, is selling a 12oz cup of coffee for $13 and people are lining up to buy it!

Spiro is selling a blend from El Salvadore called Aida’s Grand Reserve.  A Brooklyn coffee shop is selling a cup of coffee from Panama for $9 a cup.  Its from Hacienda La Esmeralda. 

Its very surprising to me that people are paying these prices given the economic issues facing America.  Perhaps they are buying it as a treat.  We can always splurge for a delicious coffee treat now and then!

Take Heart in Coffee

The results of a study on coffee’s effect on cardiovascular disease will be presented by the American Heart Association at their 50th Annual Conference.  The new study found that drinking coffee can regulate heart rhythm problems, reducing the number of hospitalizations related to this condition.

”People who reported four or more cups a day had almost an 18% reduction in the risk of being hospitalized for rhythm disturbances,” says Arthur Klatsky, a senior cardiology consultant at Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in California.  Experts add that coffee drinkers should consider having a good diet and exercise routine for maximum results. 

In the past  it was believed that drinking coffee caused disturbances in heart rhythms although some experts still believe that regular coffee drinkers are at a higher risk for heart attacks. Dr. Klatsky believes that at this point, heart rhythm problems should not be associated with coffee consumption.

Seattle’s Best and Burger King Unite!

Burger King is making a statement in the coffee market.  We have seen McDonald’s vamp up their coffee to compete with Starbucks.  Now Burger King is hopping on the band wagon too.  They will be serving on the best coffee, Seattle’s Best that is, is at least 7,250 US stores by September of this year.

“The addition of Seattle’s Best Coffee expands on our ‘Have it Your Way’ brand promise by offering our guests even more beverage options and strengthens our ability to remain competitive in a continuously changing industry,” the restaurant chain’s senior marketing VP, John Schaufelberger, said in a statement.

By replacing their BK Joe coffee, Burger King will allow it to “have it your way” when it comes to your java.  You will be able to have your coffee hot or cold and add flavorings and whipped toppings for between $1 and $2.79 per cup.