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New York Women Attracted To The Smell of Coffee

A study has shown that New York women are attracted to the smell of coffee, according to a report by NBC New York

The study was conducted by the  Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation and sponsored by Ax Men’s Grooming Products.

The study also noted that women around the US prefer different smells.  In Philadelphia they like the smell of clean laundry, in Los Angeles the prefer lavender and the ladies of Dallas like campfire smoke.

Coffee Lowers Risk of Gout in Older Women

Coffee is good for a lot of health conditions, that is a fact.  Now Reuter’s Health is reporting that Boston Researchers have found that it is also helpful in reducing the risk of gout in older women. 

“The risk of gout was 22 percent lower with coffee intake of 1-3 cups a day and 57% lower with a coffee intake of more than 4 cups a day” compared to those with no coffee consumption, the authors wrote in the August 25 issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Coffee, consumed over a course of years, can reduce the risk of gout in post-menapausal women by up to 50%.  Gout occurs in about 1 in 20 post-menapausal women.  It is a painful condition caused from the buildup of uric acid in the blood which crystallizes and deposits itself in the body, usually the feet.

“The pain is described as one of the most severe pains a human being experiences, like a breaking bone. You can’t walk and even the weight of a bed sheet is not bearable,” lead author, Dr. Hyon Choi of Boston University’s School of Medicine, told Reuters Health.  He had previously done studies on the effects of coffee on gout in men.  Those studies showed that coffee was beneficial  in the reduction of gout in men.

Coffee May Lower the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Bloomburg reports that according to a recent study presented at the American Association of Cancer Research conference, coffee may lower the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.  The more coffee you drink, the better the effect according to Harvard researchers. 

A new study followed 50,000 men over 20 years; those who drank six cups or more a day reduced their risk of developing aggressive cancerby 60 percent, according to Bloomberg. Men who drank one to three cups a day had a 20 percent lower risk than men who did not drink coffee. The research is the first to find a link between coffee and prostate cancer prevention, though the relationship was not seen in cases where the cancer was less aggressive, Bloomberg reports.   More studies are needed to confirm the research.

Viagra Laced Coffee Confinscated in Malaysia

Newkerala.com has reported that more than 900 boxes of coffee, laced with the impotence drug Viagra, were confiscated in Malaysia. The product was being marketed to consumers as an energy booster.

“The coffee mixture had been distributed in sachets nationwide,” said a report in the New Straits Times Online. “Investigations revealed the distributor attempted to mislead the public by claiming the coffee mixture could provide an energy boost, besides being beneficial for men.”

Viagra, now widely used to treat men for impotence, was initially developed to treat high blood pressure and certain symptoms of heart disease. However, drug trials revealed that it also could be used to treat sexual problems in men.

Smokers Drink Their Tea and Coffee and Enjoy a Reduced Risk of Stroke

According to The Economic Times on an article discussing Finnish research on 26,000 male smokers, drinking 2-4 cups of coffee or tea reduced the incident of any type of stroke by 21 percent. That is good news for males but I have read elsewhere that it has not much effect on women smokers.

This study was conducted over a period of 13 years. They studied the link between mens beverage consumption and occurrence of different types of stroke. Age and other factors were taken into account as well.

Because tea is known to be rich in antioxidants this will further enforce the relationship of drinking tea reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.