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IKEA Recall: Forsta Coffee / Tea Makers

IKEA has announced a recall of one of their Forsta coffeefor/tea makers in an effort to avoid possible injuries from breaking glass.  They fear people will be burned or cut on the glass if the pot were to break.  They are concerned about the pressure from the metal pot holder against the coffee maker. 

Around 94,000 pots have been sold in the US and approximately 34,000 in Canada.

Coffee/tea makers included in this recall have supplier number 20325 and ‘IKEA’ and ‘Made in China’ is printed on the bottom of the metal holder.

IKEA stores are recalling these products with full refund and they have urged the users to return the machines to an IKEA store. The coffee/tea maker is a press pot comprising a handmade clear glass pot, metal holder and black plastic top and handle.

The firm has also issued its toll-free number (888) 966-4532 for any further assistance in this issue.

Tea Set Recalled by International Coffee & Tea and US Consumer Product Safety Commission

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 1600 Tea Sets sold by  International Coffee & Tea, LLC, dba The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, of Los Angeles, Calif.  They were also sold in their stores in  California, Arizona and Nevada.  They were sold online at www.coffeebean.com.  The sales took place from from March 2010 through August 2010.

This recall involves the Tea for One “Flourish” design tea pot set, which includes a stackable teapot and cup. The teapot and cup are white ceramic with matching metallic foil decorations on each. The tea cup is marked “Dishwasher and microwave safe” and “Made in China” on the bottom, in English and French.

The tea sets pose a risk of fire when placed in the microwave because of sparks from the metallic decorations. Only one incident has been reported of the product sparking in the microwave and no injuries have been reported.

Walmart Recalls GE Coffee Makers Due to Fire Risk

Walmart has began a voluntary recall of 900,000 12 cup digital GE coffee makers, sold for $30 between March 2008 through January 2010, due to risk of overheating and fire.  To find out if your coffee maker has been affected by this recall check the  bottom of the base for model number 169164 or 169165.  If you have either of these models stop using the unit immediately and return it to a local Walmart for a full refund even if you purchased it online.

Wal-Mart received 83 reports of “overheating, smoking, melting, burning, and fire,” according to the CPSC.  At least three reports state that people were burned on their hands and feet and others report that their countertops and cabinets had been burned.  There was one report of a major kitchen fire due to the coffee maker. 

Any questions you might have regarding the recall should be directed to  the recall hotline at (800) 925-6278 weekdays between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. central time. To report a malfunction, contact the CPSC at (800) 638-2772

Black & Decker Coffee Maker Recall

Black and Decker has issued a recall of approximately 9,800 coffee maker sold between April of 2008 to July of 2009 due to a burn hazard. The product in question is an 8 cup coffee maker with model number TCM1000IKT. If you suspect you have purchased this product, you should look on the bottom of your coffee maker and compare the model number.

If you have purchased this particular coffee maker, do not take any chances. Stop using it immediately. Although no injuries have been reported as of yet, it can be very dangerous as one of the coffee makers is reported to have overheated and melted, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

The coffee maker was sold at small retail stores as well as larger chains, including Wal-Mart. They sold for between $50 to $65. If you have purchased one, please contact the coffee maker’s distributor, Applica Consumer Products, at (866) 699-4595 or www.acprecall.com . They will replace the coffee maker for free.

RECALL: Black and Decker Spacemaker Coffee Maker

Black and Decker has recalled their Spacemaker Coffee Maker, sold between March 2006 and March 2009. These brewers are dangerous because their brew basket can shift out of position during brewing allowing hot water to spill out and burn people. Black and Decker has received 235 reports of this happening, 10 of the consumers received 2nd degree burns. The coffee maker was sold at major retailers including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls, Target and Amazon.com. If you have purchased one of these coffee makers, please call 866-668-4442.

Starbucks Recalls Coffee Grinder

Starbucks is voluntarily recalling approximately 530,000 grinders sold between March 2002 and March 2009 under the names of Starbucks Barista Blade Grinder and Seattle’s Best Coffee Blade Grinder .

Three incidents have been reported where the consumer received lacerations while cleaning their grinder. There have been 176 reports of the grinder turning itself on and off unexpectedly. Consumers should immediately stop using the grinders and contact Starbucks for a free replacement grinder at 866-276-2950 or look online at Starbucks Coffee Grinder Recall

Recall on Bunn Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Chicago Tribune has reported that Bunn-O-Matic,d Corp.  has recalled 35,600 of their Single-Cup Pod Brewers because there is a potential burn hazard associated with them.  Although the recall was voluntary, it was done after the US Consumer Products Safety Commission disclosed that they had received 10 reports of the coffee brewer coming open during the brewing process,resulting in one customer suffering minor burns. 

If you think you may be affected by this recall, please contact Bunn at 1 (800) 741-3405 or visit their website at www.bunn.com


Philips Senseo Recall – Update 4-15-09

There has been an update on the Senseo Coffee Maker Recall.
If you own one of these, check to see if have one of the recalled model numbers.

The recall includes coffee makers with the following model numbers: HD 7810, HD 7811, HD 7815, HD 7820, HD 7832 and HD 7890. Those made in China have date codes 0727 through 0847. The recalled coffee makers made in Poland have date codes 0627 through 0847. The products were sold nationwide at Wal-Mart, Target and Safeway stores and online at Amazon.com between July 2006 through March 2009.
View Update Source @ http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gQ7dKIXx1kLxgzGPaDLMv3nn_M0gD97J3FJ00

Philips recalls defective Senseo coffee makers

Millions of Senseo Coffee makers have been recalled according to Associated Press.

Apparently a buildup of chalk with a power surge can cause the boiler to explode. If you own one, and are planning on continuing using it,  I would check out how to descale it, to try and make sure something like that doesn’t happen to you. Just so you know, I’m not saying that descaling it will keep this from happening, you would have to check with them to make sure.

Read how to descale your Senseo here: http://www.senseo.us/Pages/ServiceAndSupport.aspx

It doesn’t seem that anyone has been hurt yet, but if you have one that was made between 2006 and 2008 I would check to see if you are on the recall list.

Read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/feeds/ap/2009/04/14/ap6286822.html