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Free Seattles Best Coffee on Tax Day!!!

Seattle’s Best Coffee and Jackson Hewitt have come together to give us hard working folks some tax relief!! Its called the Great American Coffee Refund!! Sounds good to me:)

“Any way you crunch the numbers, Tax Day deadlines are stressful for millions of Americans,” said Chris Bruzzo, chief marketing officer for Seattle’s Best Coffee. “We hope that the Great American Coffee Refund will help make Tax Day a little brighter for the hardworking Americans filling out forms for Uncle Sam.”

Thank you Mr. Bruzzo! We feel better already!

Claim your Coffee Refund on the Seattle’s Best Coffee Facebook Page . You will get a free sample of the Level System coffee that brews a 10-cup pot of coffee. You must claim your Coffee Refund by midnight on April 17. There are a limited amount of “refunds” so I suggest you file early, just to be safe!

Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Facebook page has a coupon good for $25 off tax preparation at Jackson Hewitt. If you are not currently a fan, make sure to “like” their page!

Customers of participating Jackson Hewitt kiosks inside Walmart stores across the nation will receive a coupon good for $3 off Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Contest: FREE TRIP TO SEATTLE

Coffeesage.com readers have been invited to participate in a Seattle’s Best Coffee contest.  First prize is an all expenses paid trip to the coffee capital of the US……….. Seattle!!!!

Seattle’s Best is celebrating their fan’s love of great coffee.  They are now looking for their BIGGEST fan to join them for a first class coffee lover’s experience in Seattle.  You can compete to win the free trip that will be the “ultimate coffee immersion” and a chance to become a Seattle’s Best Coffee Ambassador.  The Ambassadors get the “low-down” on coffee news, prizes and other free stuff.

The contest runs through September 3rd.  To enter, visit the Seattle’s Best Coffee Facebook fan-page and tell them why Seattle’s Best Coffee is the “bright spot in your day”.

Good luck and may the coffee be with you!!!

Starbucks Launches “Starbucks Reserve”

Starbucks has announced the introduction of an ultra premium coffee, Starbucks Reserve, to their menu.  A 12 oz cup will sell for nearly $3 in Seattle and other select markets.  The coffee will be released on August 31st.

Starbucks has chosen to pitch the product in New York City, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle, Portland, Ore., Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Miami.  Starbucks will preview the coffee in select markets on August 28th.

Starbucks Launches Flavored Coffee in Grocery Stores

Starbucks is expanding their grocery line.  They have been selling their coffee at several retailers for years, but they are now going to sell flavored coffee as well.  It will be known as Starbucks Natural Fusions and will debut in June 2010.

Starbucks is going to start the campaign by launching with three ground coffee flavors – vanilla, caramel and cinnamon-  for you to brew at home.  They will be selling it at hundreds of thousands o f grocery stores.  They are also doing ice creams and canned energy drinks.

“We definitely feel like with the trust we’ve developed throughout the years and enhanced now by going into the instant category, we can continue to prove to our customers that Starbucks can deliver an amazing cup of coffee,” said Annie Young-Scrivner, the Seattle company’s chief marketing officer.

Seattle’s Best and Burger King Unite!

Burger King is making a statement in the coffee market.  We have seen McDonald’s vamp up their coffee to compete with Starbucks.  Now Burger King is hopping on the band wagon too.  They will be serving on the best coffee, Seattle’s Best that is, is at least 7,250 US stores by September of this year.

“The addition of Seattle’s Best Coffee expands on our ‘Have it Your Way’ brand promise by offering our guests even more beverage options and strengthens our ability to remain competitive in a continuously changing industry,” the restaurant chain’s senior marketing VP, John Schaufelberger, said in a statement.

By replacing their BK Joe coffee, Burger King will allow it to “have it your way” when it comes to your java.  You will be able to have your coffee hot or cold and add flavorings and whipped toppings for between $1 and $2.79 per cup.

Coffee Crawl Seattle Style

Its no surprise that Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop at Pike Market Place is the embarkation point for the Seattle Coffee Crawl.  You will have plenty of energy (caffeine) to get your through the 1.6 mile coffee tour through downtown where you will lean about Seattle’s culture and history, which, of course, is rich in coffee!  Its like a cupping on the go.  You get to sample coffee from downtown coffee shops.  Tours are held daily at 10am and last approximately 2 hours.  The cost is $20 per person.

Check out www.SeattleByFoot.comto find out more. You can also read another article aobut the Coffee Crawl at http://www.thefalcononline.com/article.php?id=5579