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Great to use for your coffee space on

I thought I would make a few backgrounds and include in the blog. There won’t be many but they are made by ‘me’ and you are free to save them to your computer and use them. I have provided a preview page so that you may see what they fully look like. Hope you enjoy them. Just click on the thumbs to open a ‘new window’ with the preview. Just right click and ‘save background as’ to add them to your files. You do are not required to link back to me but it really would be sweet of you if you decided to :) .

Coffee Type Backgrounds

Espresso with Red Background Background Tile coffee background Blue Coffee Cup Background Tile Coffee Cherry Metal Mesh Background Cracked Coffee Texture Background coffee bean sack image background Dark Roast Coffee Beans Background

Coffee Blocks Background Tile NEW- 09.17.06 — > coffee twirl background image

Textured Backgrounds

burlap type texture background

Pastry Backgrounds

donut 'a' background preview thumb donut thumb background preview 'b' coffee cake background Bagel and Blue Background Tile

Tea Type Backgrounds

Green Tea Background Tile