Black & Decker Coffee Maker Recall

Black and Decker has issued a recall of approximately 9,800 coffee maker sold between April of 2008 to July of 2009 due to a burn hazard. The product in question is an 8 cup coffee maker with model number TCM1000IKT. If you suspect you have purchased this product, you should look on the bottom of your coffee maker and compare the model number.

If you have purchased this particular coffee maker, do not take any chances. Stop using it immediately. Although no injuries have been reported as of yet, it can be very dangerous as one of the coffee makers is reported to have overheated and melted, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

The coffee maker was sold at small retail stores as well as larger chains, including Wal-Mart. They sold for between $50 to $65. If you have purchased one, please contact the coffee maker’s distributor, Applica Consumer Products, at (866) 699-4595 or . They will replace the coffee maker for free.

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  1. I am still waiting for replacement & form to file claim for the Black & Decker Coffee Pot that caught my kitchen on fire and burned my counter!

  2. bull s tring to get help when coffee pot caught fire and burned my counter and hand when tryed 2 unplug will on fire called all recording fu

  3. I recently bought some replacement parts for my coffeemaker and my wife was told to cut off the plug and send it to you to get a replacement unit because it won’t keep the cofee hot. I lost the address where to send the plug to…Please help me out as this makes a good pot of cofee, but has to be re-heated in the microwave oven by the cup full and is inconvenient.

  4. Why don’t we just go back to making stuff in America, where people take pride in merchendise well designed and functional,rather than made in other countries where they are only interested in undercutting prices at the risk of safety and testing….We used to be a proud nation when it came to products made in America, What happened? Global economy?MY *ss!!

  5. I have the address that they gave me to send the plug back My coffeemaker had a different problem with oily residue in the coffee.
    the address they gave me is:

    Black and decker Corp
    23600 Aurora Road
    Bezsord Heights Ohio 44146

  6. to black and decker iwish to inform you of a fire hazard that was prevented by myself. i have a black and decker coffee machine at zellers store in edmonton alberta at the northgate mall store, the model number /or number on the bottom of the machine is 3099249 .the machine trying to pump the water though , it is having a hard time doing so ,so it is getting so hot it is starting to melt the plastic part the warer flow through to make the coffee. can you please do some thing about this. i paid i think just under $30.00 for it. thanks karen

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