Bodum Santos 3000 12-Cup Coffee Maker

If you like rich tasting coffee in half the time it takes to make a pot in an ordinary drip machine, you’ll love the Bodum Santos 3000 12-Cup Coffee Maker!

Now I say this if you are comparing it to something like your standard Mr. Coffee and not a fast brewing Bunn or Cuisinart. They are a bit faster but this pot uses a vacuum method for coffee brewing. I remember the old stove top method using a glass brewer. You had to watch it constantly in order to get a good flavor and not burn your brew or over cook it.

It is sort of like a french press.

The idea is that steeped coffee (like tea) tastes better than it would when the water quickly goes over the grounds like it does in a drip machine. Stands to reason, doesn’t it?

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Bodum Santos Coffee Maker

While the water heats, it creates steam that acts as a vacuum which then pulls the hot water to the top. After the allowed amount of time passes the heating element shuts off and the water than, as if by water fall, passes over the gounds to filter back where it came from. The pot will stay on for an hour and the coffee stays hot and doesn’t taste scorched. It really does resemble french press taste. You’ll love it!

It is rather a pain to clean though. The pot you clean like you would any other but you must rinse the brewing unit and then pull the permanent filter out and clean that as well. But, I really think it’s worth the effort.