Brazil Nursing Student Kills Patient By Injecting Her With Coffee

Studies have shown that coffee is good for the heart, but not when directly injected into it!!

Rejane Telles, a Brazilian nursing student, has found herself on the receiving end of an involuntary manslaughter charge after injecting coffee and milk into the IV line of an 80 year old woman. It went straight to her heart and killed her. The student had only three days of job experience when the incident occurred.

Telles denies any intent to kill the patient stating that there were 2 lines, one for feedings and one for the blood drip and she simply chose the wrong line. “They were next to each other, anyone can get confused. I injected the coffee and I put it in the wrong place,”

If this wasn’t sad enough, the ladies daughter was there when it happened and she watched her mother die. “I saw my mother was agitated. She opened her mouth, and this youngster put coffee with milk into (her) veins,” the daughter said.

Three other persons are also facing charges due to the death.

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