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Bubble Chocolate This review will not be difficult. I had a letter sitting in the inbox asking if I’d like to try Bubble Chocolate and review it. Sure! I’d like to do that but I got a lot more than I expected once I opened that wrapper.

This is the first aerated chocolate to be marketed in the USA

The thing is the bubbles. Hundreds of bubbles. Big ones and tiny ones with loads of flavor bursting from them.

Quote from Bubble Chocolate’s website:
Since their standout debut at the Candy Expo in Chicago this past June, Bubble Chocolate bars are fast becoming the new taste sensation spanning both coasts. These delightfully tempting bars appeared on a Today Show segment in NYC in July, and are being prominently featured in celebrity gift bags across Los Angeles.

First off, I got three bars. Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and yum, yum…. Coffee Milk Chocolate! Oh yeah…. that is good.

I’ve never tasted anything quite like Bubble Chocolate. It very light and airy and the texture is what I can only describe as ‘tender and bubbly‘.

The chocolate tastes of quality and richness and however they made the bubble effect is certainly a plus in my little area of the chocolate loving world. It makes for a most delicate and tasteful experience. Caution: you can not stop with eating only one square. You must and will eat the entire bar. You just can’t help it!


Milk Chocolate: Very smooth and genuine. I would rank it with Godiva or something similar. Honestly.

Dark Chocolate: Rich, creamy, and sinful. My favorite really. I could make myself sick if I had enough on hand to eat. I just would not be able to stop until there is no more.

Coffee Milk Chocolate: I like this in the morning with a nice cup of coffee. They go well together. The hint of coffee flavor is not overbearing and tastes natural. This would probably be great for an after dinner chocolate as well. *drool*

Bubbly Milk Chocolate: Made with cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass and lecithin to give just the right Bubblyâ„¢ combination and soft milk flavor appealing to youngsters and adults alike.

Bubbly Dark Chocolate: 60% Dark goes with the trend in high percentage cacao solids, offering rich bites of snappy deep, dark chocolate, with smooth after-flavor resonance.

Bubbly Coffee Milk Chocolate: Filled with coffee, and coffee flavor, perks with a sophisticated taste and aerated texture.

My recommendation for Bubble Chocolate is high. It is a pleasant and unique experience and sure to be on your list of must have’s on a regular basis.

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  1. I’m amazed that USA hasn’t had bubble chocolate before. When I grew up in Canada 30 years ago, I often ate “AERO”, which is a milk chocolate product with the bubbles as you described. I always thought it was manufactured in USA and exported to Canada. Maybe I was wrong.

    If you’ve never had it before, I guess it has a lot of novelty value. However, I don’t see what the bubbles add to the taste, although they do change the texture a lot.

  2. I buy it every time I visit an Ocean State Job Lot store. It’s a German brand and comes in Dark and Bitter chocolate. At first bite, I didn’t know whether I liked it. After a few more bites, I was hooked.

  3. Another great European tradition finally gets state-side. We have enjoyed Aero for as long as I can remember here in Ireland, it comes in milk chocolate, original, or with mint or orange flavouring (thats flavoring to you!).


  4. Hi,
    Experiency how to temper coverture chocolates,me wanting to remove air pockets in the chocolate. This is just amzing” bubble chocolates”, airy and light.Hmmm,looks really good!

  5. Yeah the aero bar by Nestle has been around in Canada for many many years. Apparently they tried selling it in the US back in the 80s, but the sales were low and they stopped shipping it there. Maybe Nestle should re-evaluate their decision! 🙂

  6. where can i get bubble chocolate from? the nestle choco’lite bar used to be my favorite so i’m sure i will love this one, but i don’t know where to find it :(….

  7. The only place I really know of is from the bubble chocolate site itself. Takes you to candy warehouse but it is wholesale and one usually does not want that much chocolate at one time

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