Bunn Home Coffee Brewer

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I wonder sometimes if there is anyone out there that has a coffee addiction quite like me. But I have met a lady that I think may share the same intense cravings that I do for that luscious black gold. That would be car924 here at Epinions. She may even be worse than me! God forbid.

I began indulging myself with this delicious go juice when I was just about 12 years old. I wasn’t like most younguns who began their coffee careers with cream and loads of sugar. No, I started out on the hard stuff. Black and strong, thus leading me on a long road to the land of coffee beans, mugs, and the caffeine high that goes along with it all.

Three days ago, my Braun bit the dust. It wasn’t quick though. It suffered for months before actually dripping it’s last black drip. Don’t get me wrong, my Braun and I had a wonderful relationship. It was hot and giving, but as time rolled on it lost its hold on me. It just couldn’t warm me up like it used to. So I knew it was time to lay the old boy to rest. I unplugged him and watched his reservoir grow cold. For some reason I couldn’t help but feel remorse for the way I just dump his last grounds, but we both knew that we couldn’t go on like we had been. So, to shorten a sad story, he lays in a heap waiting for thursday to come and be taken to his final resting place at the local land fill.

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