Buy your coffee Whole Bean

For all of you who love great coffee house coffee. I’m going to let you in on a secret. There are two major components to a great cup of coffee.

  • The first is the water, since your black magic juice is 99%+ of the stuff. I suggest using a good water filter before you pour it into the pot.
  • The second is the beans themselves. And the secret there is simple, buy whole bean coffee and grind right before you brew.
  • Of course, it always helps to buy quality coffee beans, fresh ground bad beans makes really fresh bad coffee.  But, if you have good beans and they are pre-ground they can turn bad, or at least not as good, fast.

    The reason is oil.  A great deal of the flavor in that coffee bean comes from the oils, and oils have a tendency to go rancid, light and oxygen speeds the process.  So, if you grind your coffee (or buy it from a can all ground up) then those oils get a lot more exposure to oxygen and the time bomb starts a tickin’.

    So, if you don’t have one buy a grinder.  I know it takes an extra 30 seconds to brew that pot of coffee, but I think you are worth it. 

    Most people will tell you that a Burr style grinder is the best, but even a blade grinder is a ton better than the pre-ground. 

    I’ll spend more time talking about grinders some other time but you can go to Amazon or any department store to find a decent grinder.

    Here’s some Grinders I found on Amazon: Coffee Grinder List

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