Cabaret Brewed Chocolate whole bean beverage

Cabaret Brewed Chocolate imageNot a coffee but don’t forget that chocolate is caffeinated. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Cabaret Brewed Chocolate and tasted it right from the jar. Keeping with an ancient Aztec tradition, it is sort-of a smokey, rich, chocolate taste that is really different from any other chocolate that I’ve tasted.

As you can see from the image below, you just add 1 teaspoon to 1/2 cup hot water. The chocolate is concentrated so it does not take very much. Stir and enjoy. Did I say enjoy? Read on…

This beverage stimulated me without the jitters and what is really sweet about it all, when I had a cup in the evening, I did not get stimulated but rather relaxed. I call that an all around beverage!

There is just a bit of sugar in the concentrate but one should not worry too much about that. It is sweet enough without any additional sweetner.

Cabaret Brewed Chocolate in the cupCabaret Brewed Chocolate has only a small amount of caffeine but very high in theobromine which is a cousin to caffeine providing a different effect. They say Theobromine is a gentler. longer lasting stimulant. One teaspoon contains nearly an ounce of cocoa beans. wow!

Visit their website to purchase Cabaret Brewed Chocolate and to learn more about the history and the product. Be sure to watch the video. Very interesting history told. It is $14.95 a jar and each jar contains 24 servings. That is 20 cocoa beans per serving. Love it!

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  1. If you have the store receipt, go back and grind them in the steros grinder. If not, a food chopper will give a coarse grind, not appropriate for coffee makers, but the right grind for a percolator. Hope this helps. (I tried grinding mine in my processor and my blender. Made the coffee weak. (I put a pan under the basket and poured the hot coffee back through, it helped but it didn’t taste as good.)

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