Can Coffee Releive The Symptoms and Help Prevent Parkinson’s Disease?

I found this article on coffee and it’s effect on those with Parkinson’s Disease today and really wanted to include it here by linking to the originator.

Even though I believe coffee does play a role in our overall health (not to mention some adverse effects), I find the idea that it could help with Parkinson’s Disease questionable. I am not saying that I do not believe it, because I probably do. My father-in-law had Parkinson’s and always drank a major amount of coffee, daily. It was never any better and only got worse before he died. That is not to say that the symptoms may have been worse without the coffee, could have been. We will never know.

If there are any of you out there who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and feel coffee has in some way helped to ease the symptoms or even protected you from onset, please comment here and let me and my readers know about it.

Here is an excerpt from the article and the link to the actual page to follow:

This is one of the most well known of all neurological disorders. There is a growing evidence that not only can caffeine help relieve the symptoms, but can also have a protective effect on nerve cells. Find out more about this and also how drinking coffee also reduces or delays the development of the disease.

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