wearable coffee soap by Daisycakes Soaps Well, I’ve used chocolate shampoo and chocolate soap but this was my first for coffee soap. Don’t taste it! It is bad! Just kidding. I didn’t taste it but I certainly did shower with it and have it by my sink for hand washing too.

Daisycake Soaps sent me a few to try and a lip balm that is coffee flavored as well.

The soaps produced a good lather and left my hands feeling clean and fresh. The scent is quite close to that of coffee with chocolate and the Turkish Mocha Soap was just a yummy. I would purchase them even if I had not got them free for review. I like em!

The lip balm had a good taste and went on with a silk appeal. However, I did not feel it had enough staying power. Maybe it wasn’t suppose to have. I still liked it though.

I recommend trying the soaps. They are reasonable in price $2.75 and they last an acceptable amount of time.

4 thoughts on “Coffee and Chocolate Mix Soaps!

  1. Hah. I don’t know if I’ll be using coffee flavored soaps any time soon but it does sound interesting.

    You could wake up with a coffee shampoo shower, eat breakfast with a coffee, and wash your hands with coffee soap. Now THAT’S dedication. 🙂

  2. Yeah – no kidding. I did try this organic coffee, chocolate bar…it was like ground up coffee, in chocolate – that was definately different tasting.

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