Coffee Avatars & Icons

Coming soon 06.21.05 :::::: Coffee Avatars and Icons for use in bulletin-message boards, AIM, and journals/blogs. Also use as gravatars or any other place where you would like to express yourself and your love for coffee and tea.

As usual, some will be made by me and some will be those I found in other places. They will be separated and marked as such. Have fun with them and remember, do not hotlink to me. Right click and save them to your own computer. A link to me is not necessary but would be a gesture of love and consideration. Have a comment or would like to inquire about a specific image, use the contact link at the top of the page, fill in the form and ask away!

Made by Me

coffee avatar icon swirl starbucks coffee avatar icon coffee addict avatar coffee  avatar coffee  avatar

coffee  avatar coffee addict avatar coffee  avatar coffee  avatar coffee blinkie avatar


coffee avatar 1 coffee avatar 2 coffee avatar 3


Made by Me

tea avatar icon by