If you are carrying a thermos or coffee cup in the airport you can expect to be looked at a little more closely than those who don’t because such items could be used to conceal explosive materials, according to an official advisory

Passengers travelling with insulated beverage containers can expect to see additional screening of these items using procedures currently in place, including X-ray screening, physical inspection and the use of explosives trace detection technology,” states an advisory issued by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Its best to leave a little extra time when you are traveling, especially during the holiday season, due to increased security measures.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Cups and Thermoses Have Been Added to Terror Weapons List

  1. It might just be best to forget about bringing any cup on board. And if you have a long flight maybe just asking for hot water on board and using some Starbucks Instant Via Coffee.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Wow, what will they come up with next? Pretty soon we will all have to fly naked. I usually have a cup of coffee at the airport before I board the plane and you can always find a Starbucks at the airport.

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