coffee gounds as compost and fertilizerDid you know that you can save used coffee grounds and use them to feed and fertilize your indoor plants or anything you grow in an outside garden?

It’s easy to do. Save them up and then pick out your plant and spread them around the base of the plant just before it rains or you are going to water. It allows for a slow release of nitrogen.

You may also add to an already exisiting compost pile to increase the nitrogen content of the compost.

If you want to use the grounds as a fertilizer, just dilute with water before pouring them around the plants. The ratio is pretty straight forward. Equal parts. 3 pounds of ground to 3 gallons of water and so forth. Let it set outside on the deck or whatever to allow for a nice amber mixture.

Did you also know that you can use coffee grounds and egg shells to repel pests in potted plants? Before you add your soil, place the ground and shells around the container and then add your soil. You may also mix coffee grounds in your potting soil.

Collecting is easy. I’d suggest an emply coffee can (if plastic) or a gallon size, clear plastic ice-cream container. Keeps the grounds moist and you can save quite a few before you use them. Collect them from the office if you work in one or a cafe or coffee house. You can really get them anywhere!

Hope you enjoyed this tidbit of useful information.

6 thoughts on “Coffee Grounds Compost

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  2. I have been doing this but didn’t know if it was good or bad. The plants didn’t seem to mind and it was a good way to get rid of the stuff. Now I know!

  3. hmm… couldn’t say for sure but I don’t see why not. It should be, shouldn’t it? I mean, it’s good for everything else.

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