Coffee and Tea Drinkers Battle

Cat lovers and dog lovers. Usually, you’re either one or the other and they say that one can not really get along with the other. Maybe. I enjoy both just as I do with coffee and tea. I have found that (in my travels) you’re either one or the other or nothing at all.

Why is that?

Scientific studies. “They say”… who are THEY? It’s always “they”. I found some ideas about it on the web and rather than violate any copy laws, I’d like to get your input on things. I will republish your thoughts on the matter as a regluar post so that it will be easier for all to read instead of having to go to comments.

Coffee has been the subject of a wide range of studies, looking at its link to cancer, heart disease and infertility.

Things to keep in mind when commenting. What are you? A coffee drinker or tea drinker. Why? Are there health reasons for your choice or habit. Why not drink the opposite? etc…. you get it. Okay peeps, tell me what you think about it!

4 thoughts on “Coffee and Tea Drinkers Battle”

  1. oddly, i drink and enjoy both – for different reasons. of course, i love coffee for the kick, but also the taste. tea is more subtle, but sometimes tastier, and often, more soothing.
    i think tea drinkers who don’t drink coffee might could make the health arguement (it’s been around longer) but most anyone who drinks coffee doesn’t usually do it for their health.
    but, i drink my tea with sugar, a no-no for tea purists, so who am i to say . . .

  2. Ummm…love that dark silky flavor! I am a coffee person. It’s not only my morning ritual and my afternoon pick up, but the best and only way to end a special meal. It is the ultimate guilt-free treat (yes it’s got to be pure; un-diluted). There is nothing better; it is as varied as my moods and I can always find the perfect fit to my taste of the day.

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