Coffee Recipe : Thai Iced Coffee

Coffee Recipe for Thai Iced CoffeeI found this recipe for Thai Iced Coffee over at : and though I have not tried it, I found it to sound very interesting. Maybe you will be able to try it before I do. Isn’t the photo pretty? Evidently the espresso was poured first in the image. Lovely drink.

Thai Iced Coffee

* In a tall, slender high ball glass add crushed ice (about 1/3 of the way).
* In a separate glass, fill with 2 oz sweetened condensed milk.
* Pour 2-3 oz cold espresso (depending upon strength you like) over the sweeten condensed milk (coffee sits on the top as a layer).
* Stir with a spoon until well blended.
* Pour over the ice in the other glass.

Think about adding vanilla or some other flavoring such as cinnamon for a different spin.

You should make the espresso long enough ahead so that it has cooled. Place it in the fridge the day before if you’d like.

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