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A Boca Java coffee image It has been my pleasure to grind and taste a bit of Boca Java’s great blend called Boca Sunrise and a fine Columbian they call Cool Breeze Columbian. Both are terrific and since it is roasted to order, makes it all the more special.

This past winter I ordered a white hot chocolate from them named White Mocha Blizzard. I fell in love with this rich and creamy dream and knew I must be in for a treat with the coffee they were going to send me.

Just a quick comment on Boca Java’s website. I love the warm and inviting colors they have their site designed in. They have incorporated a top bar with drop down menus that make navigation simple and finding what you seek as easy as pie. They include a great learning areas where they explain their roasting process and include recipes and a bit about their guarantee. I know you will be pleased while visiting their online store.

Boca Sunrise:

a good coffee rating

Everyone knows I am a dark roast gal but this medium blend did impress me. Boca Sunrise is a blend of African, Central and South American beans and is full bodied yet mellow with a clean finish. It is a rare thing when I like a medium or light roast but this one certainly did fill the bill. I could taste my coffee and not the water. That may be hard to explain why I say that so I will pass on that for now. Boca Sunrise is a keeper!

Cool Breeze Columbian:

a very good coffee rating

Even though I did enjoy the medium roast above, this one is certainly more to my tastes. It is a medium to dark roast and as they mention, does have a walnut flavor which makes it a robust and bold tasty must have for any coffee maker. It leaves you with a refreshing feeling and I was able to taste the roast through the first sip.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Review on: Boca Java”

  1. I loved Boca Java Coffee, but will not order from them again. Once I had a problem where they said they would refund my money. After repeated phone calls they said they did not know how. I gave them ample time to figure it out. If they can charge your credit card they should know how to credit it as well. Anyone can take your money, but i deal with companies that understand customer service when there is a problem.

  2. Went to boca java as a gift that would keep giving for my father…ordered 9 varieties of coffee in 8oz bags and, by what i could make out by their website, would be delivered one at a time until the my 9 selections were sent. This is not what happened! They sent the whole lot at once. Then, the next week, they sent the same (9) 8oz bags to same address. I only found this out because my father said he was delivered another box of all the same coffees.

    As I result I contacted boca java and told them of the mishap. They said they could not take the excess coffee back, because it was roasted “specially” for the recipient. I said the website is misleading in this regard and I want my $ back for the second order, which I would send back unopened and in pristine order. Boca Java still refused.

    I got the BBB involved (Denver-based) and after email exchanges this way, they offered to refund half the second order in “good faith.” Boca Java fails to realize that the good faith attribute can only rightfully assessed if they had reconciled before I went to the BBB. It is only because I went to the BBB that they made ANY deal with me. I was at this point almost beside myself with Boca Java’s horrible customer service and digging their heels in against me, a no ill-intent client.

    The question is, wouldn’t it have been more profitable to just make me happy, keep my business and thus give them more business through me because Boca Java was so compliant?

    I consider it bad business, and I WARN ALL CUSTOMERS that they will not work with you if there is a problem with your order and, if you do have a problem, you’re going to have to go to the BBB to get any help. Why an upstart company is so callous and hard to work with, one can only guess at…

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