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CafeVivo review image First of all, I’d like to thank CafeVivo for the most generous portions of beans they sent for me to taste and review. Full pound bags is most unusual these days and I appreciate it very much. Often, I may like or dislike a coffee initially but over time may find something either positive or negative that changes my mind in either direction. I drink more than most can even imagine and I am a healthy, nearly 50 yr. old woman. Not that I claim to be ‘old’ but I certainly am no spring chicken. Or summer chicken. Hmm.. do they have those? Oh well, on to the review.

CafeVivo sent me a bag of Golden Sumatra and a bag of Ethiopia Sidamo. My goodness! Yes, this has been a delightful experience for me. I so enjoyed both beans and long for more. I was especially partial to the Ethiopian. It was so delicious and hearty. I wish I could say it was satisfying but I can not. Ha! Not a bad thing. I just keep wanting more and more. How can I stay satisfied with something so good? Please, let me have no ‘last drop’ in my cup. These beans are roasted per order and arrive fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

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Ethiopia Sidamo:

Very Good coffee rating

For me, there is nothing subtle about this coffee. It is rich, earthy, and robust. Within the welcomed intense aroma I sense a slight smokey note which is nice for the nose and feels smooth in the mouth. I absolutely love this one and it does leave one wanting more. An impressive roast.

Golden Sumatra:

A good coffee review

I generally care little for any Sumatra roast but this one was fresh, crisp, and very tasty. I was able to smell a bit of sweetness but did not notice much earthiness in it’s scent. It has a medium body which seems to coat your mouth with a delightful smoothness. I could taste a bit of earthiness but it was not overpowering. I enjoyed it though it is not a favorite of mine. Still a very nice brew.

Check out CafeVivo the first chance you get. You will not be disappointed in their product. I highly recommend them. Visit by clicking here —> CafeVivo

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  1. I tried to do that but it didn’t work well, I finally got a cofefe grinder at Walmart for $ 17 or so it works great and fresh grounded cofefe is delicious!If you use a food chopper, you can use a French press or cold brew the cofefe, those are good options if you don’t want to get a grinder

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