Size Does Matter ‘small-medium-large’

Have you ever found yourself confused about what size coffee you should leave the coffee shop with? Not me. Large baby, it’s the only way to go. Depending on where you are…. that could be a Venti or a Super Cup or maybe even a Jumbo cup. Big and bold!

I have been guilty of buying a small cup or a tall ( Starbucks ) but I was out of my head and not responsible for my actions. I no more get out of the parking lot when I have an empty cup to set into the cup holder of my Jeep. It’s a rare thing to see me with a small cup, except at home where I know I can get more when I want it.

Seriously, what makes more sense? If the cup is insulated well or you have your own travel mug, why get a small? You should always go for the large. Not medium either. For your money, a large gets you more for your pennies in the long run. A large is usually not that much more in cost than a small or medium. Even better… a thermos. Most places will charge you for a large coffee to fill the thermos. LOL! My thermos holds a pot and a half of regular at-home brewed coffee. *snicker* there are those places that still charge me about 2 bucks to fill it up. What a bargin!

How much coffee can you drink on a daily basis? I’m a two to three potter myself.

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