Corn Coffee Now For Sale in Manila

Daveo City in Manila now has a new coffee product being provided to the group Coffee For Peace.  Corn Coffee!!!  Farmers from Sumilao will be providing the corn coffee.

“Our corn coffee is special because it’s caffeine-free, all-organic and all-natural, with no additives and no preservatives,” said Maria Carmela Sue P. Otarra, spokesperson for the Sumilao Agri-Enterprise (SAE), Inc. comprising local farmers. The Coffee for Peace, which used to be called Peace-building Community Cafe, sells and promotes civet coffee beans from the mountain ranges of Davao and Cotabato.


Another coffee lover!

One thought on “Corn Coffee Now For Sale in Manila

  • September 17, 2012 at 5:30 pm

    I was in Target last and found a double packs of Febreze THAI Dragon Fruit Air Refreshner for only $1.24!!!!!! Just wish I had my conopus with me because I would have gotten them all for free. Please pass this on for me!

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