Customer Burned By 5 Cups of Coffee: Burger King Sued

Yoliara Romas, an 18-year-old Osceola County, Florida woman, filed a lawsuit  on Wednesday against Burger King claiming that she was burned by 5 cups of their coffee.

Ms. Romas claims that last  Tuesday, she ordered 5 cups of coffee and was given the order by an employee in a drink carrier which only had four openings.  The 5th cup of coffee was placed in the center of the carrier making the tray unstable.  As a result, she claims that she spilled the coffee in her lap and suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her thighs.

“This is the most excruciating thing I have ever have gone through,” Ramos said.

“As soon as I got out of the car, my skin was like literally, on the floor,” Ramos said. “I literally picked it up off the floor.”

William McBride, Ramos’ lawyer,  says Ramos is suing Burger King for medical bills, pain and suffering and the cost of future procedures, including skin grafts and physical therapy.  She is also suing for lost wages and the possible loss of a “Bright Futures” scholarship.  McBride stated that he has not yet reviewed her medical records.

“We want to get discovery,” McBride said. “We want to get video of the actual day at Burger King in the drive-through. We want to see the memos. We want to see what temperature they are serving the coffee. We want to know why somebody – an employee – would serve five cups of coffee when the tray only holds four and placing that fifth one in between them. That could happen to any of us.”

Burger King officials released this statement:

Burger King Corp. has not been formally served with a lawsuit related to Ms. Ramo’s claims and therefore cannot comment further at this time.

Ramos’ mother spoke out on the issue stating “I’m mad, you know, because it shouldn’t have happened to her,” said Yolanda Ramos. “If they had been more careful, this would not have happened to her.”

“The scars and all that will tell them how bad the burns were,” Yolanda Ramos said. “You know this is not just a spill where she would get coffee on her — you know it’s a really bad mark that she is going to have forever.”

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