The Roasterie Super Tuscan Espresso Blend coffee beans First of all let me thank The Roasterie for including the pretty logo espresso cup and saucer with the fabulous beans they sent to me. Believe it or not after all these years and many, many cups of espresso later I never had any good cups for my shots. I guess I never took the time. Well, it had not been more than a few days before they sent this one that I was thinking of starting a collections of them. Behold! My first one to start my collection off with. I sort of believe that you bring to you what is strongly on your mind. The cup is good looking and I am very proud of it. Thank you Lindsey!

The Roasterie has a well formed site with easy navigation. It is unique and has a beautiful coloring that is easy on the eyes. I enjoy visiting there and will be back often.

The Roasterie sent me their wonderful blend, Super Tuscan Espresso. When I opened the box and then the bag I was sitting on our deck. My son was on the far end of the deck (30 ft away) and when I opened the bag to take a big sniff, he says MOM! I can smell that all the way over here and it smells so good. Yes, he was right, the scent was just heavenly. It was hard to get my nose out of the bag long enough to go inside and grind some beans. But I did and it was such a treat. Following here is what I feel the espresso was like.

Very good espresso coffee rating

Right out of the bag I always eat a couple of beans and these were quite nutty which I find very pleasant.

As a shot, it has a beautiful caramel color with nice body. Aroma is rich and the flavor is fruity, gentle touch of semi-sweet chocolate with a hint of smokiness and a slight sweetness. The finish is clean and a bit lingering. Excellent!

I also brewed a pot as a regular drip and found all the same flavor and aroma which made the cup enjoyable. A great coffee either way you wish to serve it.

I’d like to thank The Roasterie for the opportunity to try their Super Tuscan Espresso coffee. It has been a real treat and I highly recommend it to my readers.

To visit just direct yourself to the wonderful ‘The Roasterie’ website by clicking HERE

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