Excellent Coffee Beans from Brown and Jenkins Trading Co.

Brown and Jenkins Trading CoBrown and Jenkins coffee beans are roasted fresh daily. I’ve had the pleasure to try a couple of their coffees and must say it was truly a delightful experience. As soon as the shipment arrived and I begun to open the box, I could smell the fresh roast smell and darned if I wouldn’t swear the bags were still warm. Maybe not, but the aroma was that good.

Brown & Jenkins roasts their green coffee fresh daily to meet the exact needs of their orders. They use a gas-fired rotary drum type roaster and roast in small batches of anywhere from 10 to 40 pounds at a time. They boast a caring and artful approach to their roasting. I have agree, they must. It is delicious.

Brown and Jenkins sent me a Vermont roasted Kenya AA and Sumatra Mandheling.

First off: Sumatra Mandheling:

A deep aroma out of the bag that is inviting and complex. I caught a hint of smokiness and loved it. In the cup I found it to be slightly syrupy and thick bodied with a muted-acidity. I detected a hint of chocolate with a taste of caramel. A very lovely cup. Elegant and suitable for a black tie social gathering that is sure to please even the most discriminating palate.

Kenya AA:

Kenyan origin coffees are my favorite by far. I love the intense and consistent flavor. It never fails to please me. This one is no different. The exuberant aroma is followed by the succulent hints of leather and black currant. It is dry in the mouth and finishes with a delicate aftertaste. I used a french press to ensure I brought out the full depth of this wonderful bean.

Brown and Jenkins Trading Co. is more than just coffee. You must stop by and visit them and discover all the wonderful things they have to offer the public both on-line and at their brick and mortar establishment. You will find other foods and gifts and a coffee club as well. Check them out and definitely try out their coffees. I am certain you will not be disappointed.

Thank you to Brown and Jenkins for the coffee products they sent for review. I have enjoyed them immensely!

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