Seattle’s Best Coffee and Jackson Hewitt have come together to give us hard working folks some tax relief!! Its called the Great American Coffee Refund!! Sounds good to me:)

“Any way you crunch the numbers, Tax Day deadlines are stressful for millions of Americans,” said Chris Bruzzo, chief marketing officer for Seattle’s Best Coffee. “We hope that the Great American Coffee Refund will help make Tax Day a little brighter for the hardworking Americans filling out forms for Uncle Sam.”

Thank you Mr. Bruzzo! We feel better already!

Claim your Coffee Refund on the Seattle’s Best Coffee Facebook Page . You will get a free sample of the Level System coffee that brews a 10-cup pot of coffee. You must claim your Coffee Refund by midnight on April 17. There are a limited amount of “refunds” so I suggest you file early, just to be safe!

Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Facebook page has a coupon good for $25 off tax preparation at Jackson Hewitt. If you are not currently a fan, make sure to “like” their page!

Customers of participating Jackson Hewitt kiosks inside Walmart stores across the nation will receive a coupon good for $3 off Seattle’s Best Coffee.

2 thoughts on “Free Seattles Best Coffee on Tax Day!!!

  1. As a Starbucks insider, we do great at hype and public relations. Each cup of Starbucks coffee cost the company less than 20 cents to produce, pour into the cup. Margins continue to be great as we price the coffee at over 20 times our variable cost. Howard is making a bundle. Nice to be in a business where the average new store breaks even in just a few months.

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