From Coffee House to the Big House

A man in Flagler Co., Florida was shocked when he was arrested during a “harmless” coffee date with his mother on Sunday. Its seems that mama’s baby boy tired to rob the local Starbucks while he was having coffee with her. This is what I call “multi-tasking”.

Craig Warner, 34, tried to yank the cash register away from the counter at Starbucks. When his plan failed, he ran across the street to Walgreens hoping to find “greener” pastures. While inside Walgreens, he injured a lady while trying to steal her purse from her. He has been charged with Robbery and Strong Arm Robbery by Sudden Snatching.

Warner’s mother told police he was on his way to the Doctor for a checkup and that they decided to get coffee on the way. Its unclear as to what the “checkup” was regarding.

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